7 Gifts for a New Mom

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I feel like almost all my friends are nearly done having babies and it makes me a little sad.  With their little non-bums, wrinkly old-man faces and kitten-like crying I just want to hold them in my arms forever.  Now that my newborn days are done it’s easy for me to feel nostalgic about a period that is so full of wonder and amazement, but also so tough.  I remember the utter shock after our first white night.  Why are babies in movies always sleeping!

Here are a few ideas for the new moms in your life.

Gifts from Afar

1. Food Delivery

This one is always a hit but if you’re bringing by frozen food make sure they have room in the freezer.  I also like the idea of a batch of groceries from someone like Montreal Frais.  Bagels, granola, coffee,  fresh fruit, cheese and products from some of Montreal’s best patisseries sounds like a dream.  There are also other food delivery options here.

2. A Gorgeous Blanket

I’m sure that the new mom has stocked up on receiving blankets and muslin swaddlers, but what about a beautiful blanket that will stay with the baby for years?  We still use our blankets for Bastien – either for cuddling on the sofa or for long walks in the stroller (if we can convince him to sit that long!)  I love this one from local company luvmother  or this from Toronto company Auggie.


3. A Photography Session

Newborns aren’t newborns forever and capturing them at their littlest is such a special moment.  New moms and dads are pretty stressed out, and it’s easy for the time to fly by. Offer them a session and they can take it up when they can.  And even though the new parents might not feel like they look their best, encourage them to be included in the photos.  I have approximately one terrible looking photo of me with my newborn my husband took with his phone…  Looking for a photographer?  Montrealers can check out the photographers listed in my Parent Resources section.

4. Offer Resources

Giving advice can be tricky… I know there were times when I was tired and people were throwing advice at me and I just wanted them to stop talking.  But, there are also times when I was really struggling and help from a professional was what I needed.  There are professionals out there who can come and visit you in your home and offer advice on everything from breastfeeding and sleep  to general care, or just to check over and reassure that everything you are doing is really OK.  Check out my Parent Resources section for some guidance.

5. Care Package

I love getting stuff in the mail, and a care package full of stuff for the baby AND me would have been right up my alley.

*a GOOD lip balm (lips get SO dry when breastfeeding). I personally like this lip balm plus it gives a hint of colour.

*a GOOD hand cream that doesn’t smell so strong to annoy the little one (hand washing with a little baby is crazy – I feel like my hands were always so dry).  I personally like this one, but this one looks nice too (love the name!)

*a pretty water bottle she can have by her side for breastfeeding or long walks.

*snacks – both naughty and nice.  I was SO HUNGRY at the beginning it was crazy.  You just want to get the calories in.  Chocolate is always such a treat.

*if the weather is nice an outdoor blanket is key to days spent outside in the park.  Tons of people around here have this one.

*everyone agrees that this is pretty much every baby’s favourite toy (after Sophie!)


Gifts Near

6. Take control of the chaos!

Offer to clean the house, cook a meal, walk the dog, or walk the baby!

7. Just visit

Being with a newborn can be lonely, especially in the early days when you are breastfeeding constantly and aren’t quite ready to show your face to the world.  Always make sure the mom is ready and willing for a visit (and not just saying yes to be nice!)  You don’t even really have to talk.  Watch a movie together, check out a magazine or just go for a silent walk together.  Friendship is golden.

What would you recommend as a gift for new moms or dads, or what do you remember receiving that you loved?  I’d love to hear!

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