What I really want for mother’s day

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Mother’s Day is coming up shortly (May 11th) and as a mother AND mom-to-be I thought I’d throw out my list of what I really want this mother’s day.

1. Flowers – it doesn’t have to be fancy, and it doesn’t even have to be on the day but something about a fresh bouquet of flowers in the spring sunshine is just so pretty and bright.

2. Breakfast – We don’t have to go out to eat, but I’d love a little something special on my plate in the morning.  Pancakes are perfect.

3. Time spent together – Wouldn’t a picnic on the mountain (umm… not prepared by me) or some time outside in the park be nice?

4. Time spent apart – Give me 20 minutes for a bubble bath and I’ll be happy.

5. TV – Let me watch my rom com… I know it’s cheesy but House of Thrones is just creepy and gives me nightmares.


6. Maternity dress from Storq – One dress and so many options.  I dread getting into all my old maternity clothes and this would be a nice multi-purpose edition.


7. Lovadovia Flats  which I spotted at The Bay the other day.  They’re only $59 too…

What are you guys hoping for if anything?

    • Melissa
    • May 5, 2014

    Haha- I think you mean House of Cards or Game of Thrones! Either way I agree, they are both creepy. I am currently on season 7 of the American office and loving it (although I do still have Kevin Spacey HofC nightmares!) x

      • Michelle
      • May 5, 2014

      Yeah – it’s Game of Thrones….. it’s so creepy I’ve erased the right name from my memory!! ha!

      I am planning on watching all seasons of the american office while breastfeeding this winter… good call?

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