Palm Springs with Kids Part 2

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Palm Springs with Kids

Did you miss Part 1?  Palm Springs with Kids is great and here is a round up of what we did.

Palm Springs with Kids Palm Springs with Kids Palm Springs with Kids Palm Springs with Kids Palm Springs with Kids

Architecture Sightseeing

This was by far one of my favourite parts of the trip.  We just drove around, but I think getting around by bike would be pretty cool too and very doable.  I am by no means an expert but these seemed to be the best houses to view:

1100 Sierra Way – The home above with the pink door which has earned itself the hashtag #thatpinkdoor and has been tagged over 2,500 times.  It’s pretty cool and I loved it.  The door handle is very bling.  The house with the lions (pictured above) is just down the way.

Ship of the Desert 1995 S. Camino Monte

Frey House 686 Palisades Drive – We never managed to find this one although it seems very iconic.  It looked like it was all dead ends…

Kaufman House 686 Palisades Drive – The house pictured in the middle.  I loved this one.  Located close to downtown.

These are all private homes so you can only really look at them from the street.  I’m sure a tour where you could actually go inside would be mind blowing.

Palm Springs with Kids Palm Springs with Kids Palm Springs with Kids

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

A giant tramway scoops you up in the desert and takes you up into the mountains where there’s snow and a chill to the air.  It’s pretty cool, albeit a bit pricey so check for discounts before hand.  Also, bring warm clothes.  We were OK in shorts, but I recommend pants and a long sleeve top.  There is a small nature hike suitable for kids, and OK with a stroller (you’ll need to carry it a bit) or if you are up for it there are also longer hikes.  The views are stunning.

Palm Springs with Kids Palm Springs with Kids Palm Springs with Kids Palm Springs with Kids Palm Springs with Kids Palm Springs with Kids

Thousand Palms Oasis

This was probably my favourite outing, as you can probably tell from all the pictures.  There was something just saw ancient and primordial feeling about those huge untrimmed palm trees.  The walk was perfect for kids (although we did not make it the entire way) and I loved being out in the desert like that.

A couple more notes:

We did not make it to Joshua Tree National Park which was on my list.  My kids were experiencing motion sickness and I just didn’t feel like risking it during a very long driving day.  It looks amazing though and is definitely on my to-do if we ever make it back.

Lastly, here is my packing list because I appreciate it when others share theirs.  Keep in mind we had a washer and dryer in our condo unit.


1 hoodie

1 long sleeve top

2 pyjamas

3 t-shirts

3 shorts

2 pants

2 swimwear

5 underwear/socks



light jacket


1 dress plus 1 cardigan (evenings are cool)

2 long sleeve tops

1 sweater

1 light jacket

2 pants

2 shorts

2 t-shirts

3 tank tops

2 bathing suits

1 bathing suit cover up

underwear, socks

sandals, runners to walk around in

Palm Springs with Kids

And lastly, our flight was EARLY (6am) and I was a little worried about breakfast.  I took along some paper cups, plastic spoons, cut up strawberries, yoghurt and granola and made parfaits for the kids and adults which was perfect.

Hope you enjoyed my trip!

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    • Laurie Hnatuk
    • April 9, 2018

    Thanks again for sharing your trip!! L

      • Michelle
      • April 9, 2018

      My pleasure!

  1. Reply

    Beau voyage! Ça me donne des idées 🙂 Merci pour ce billet!

      • Michelle
      • May 8, 2018

      Mon plaisir!

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