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15 Broadwick Street
Yauatcha was stunning.  I was fortunate enough to be part of a corporate night out which included dinner at this restaurant.  We entered the restaurant for our 7:00 reservation and had a short wait in the front shop area which is exquisitely designed and sells a selection of macaroons and chocolates in house.  They are extremely tempting and a few in our party bought a selection to take home.


We were lead downstairs to the restaurant which is a square brick room with a partially hidden kitchen, sparkly lights on the ceiling (sounds tacky – it isn’t) and cut outs in the brick with faux candles.  I can imagine what the room must have looked like at one time, and am very impressed with what they’ve done.
The service was absolutely stunning, and I can hand on heart say it was probably the best service I have ever had especially considering we were a group.  At one point the manager came to me (I was the organizer) and asked me how my food was.  He then very specifically asked how the service was and to please tell him if there was anything.  It was extremely sincere and very surprising.  A colleague later told me that the reviews about their service on the website were very poor so this appears to be something they are working hard on and have completely turned around.  This is impressive, and if you were ever put off from a visit because of this I recommend you visit.  For the food I just asked them to bring us a selection to the table.  It was brought in even intervals without any long waits, and the empty dishes were quickly whisked away.  If we needed another glass or bottle of wine it was almost immediate.  I couldn’t believe it.  We were all very impressed.


The food was also very good.  Highlights for me were the Beancurd Cheung Fun which I believe was beancurd and pork in a long roll, the scallop shumai with the most exquisitely cooked scallops, and the Ribeye Beef in Black Bean sauce.  I didn’t try it but was told that the Orchid Pao Chung (Orchid Tea) was amazing.  They chose a wide range of dishes for us, and served a perfect amount of food.  We didn’t drink a lot (3 bottles of wine for 9 people) but it turned out to around £46 per person including tip which is fabulous.
I can’t wait to go back, and hope it can live up to my previous experience!
Décor: Trendy, modern, swish
Food: Exquisite Dim Sum and Chinese
Price: Not bad:  Dim Sum was on average between £4 – £8 and Mains £16 – £23
Good For: Anytime!  It wasn’t too loud so you could have a dinner just the two of you, but it would be a great start to a night out in the West End.

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