Care Package for a New Mom

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cp care package finalThe first few weeks of motherhood are HARD.  HARD HARD HARD.  I know I broke down more than once, whether from sheer exhaustion, hormones, frustration or just feeling overwhelmed.  I also remember that I was overjoyed by little things – visits from friends, three hours of continuous sleep and packages in the mail.

cp bowlIt was with this thinking that I decided to send my sister, who just had a little baby boy in December, a care package.  I decided to include some baking, even though that’s perhaps a bit foolish considering I was sending it to the UK.  I tried to think of the absolute best cookie to send, and it was surely the Anzac cookie although I couldn’t find anywhere what the shelf life of these cookies were.  Considering that they were made to send to Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (Anzac) by wives soldiers because the ingredients do not spoil easily and the biscuit keeps well, I thought it was my best bet.  Whether today’s modern recipe reflects that one used during the war is another question…

cp raw anzacRegardless, I thought it’s the thought that counts and made the cookies from this recipe found at BBC Good Food.  They were super easy and had just the right amount of chew.  I also like the fact that they were a bit more filling with the oats.

cp cooked anzacasI also included a One Line A Day – Five Year Memory Book, which I’ve started keeping as well.  I thought it wouldn’t take so much time and as little ones change so much over the years it would be interesting to look back each day.  And I threw in some tea from David’s Tea.  I stuffed it all with paper to make sure it wouldn’t move and crossed my fingers.

Have you ever sent or received a care package when you were a new mom?  Do you have any other ideas for me?





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