Comfy but Fabulous… lululemon for the Win

Lululemon - Casual, Stylish and Comfortable Clothes for Everyday | Yogi Crew Sweater / Skinny Will Pant / Cool Racerback Top / Urban Sanctuary Bag

I have a newborn.  I have a toddler.  I work from home.  I am not in pre-pre-baby shape. But even for this casual dresser my  sweatpants from a trip to the Gap outlet in Maine 6 years ago are looking a little sad.  I want to look good dammit.

Lululemon - Casual, comfortable and stylish clothing | www.roastedmontreal.comYogi Crew Sweater / Skinny Will Pant / Cool Racerback Top / Urban Sanctuary Bag

I need something that’s comfortable, stylish and not too fussy.  That’s why I was so happy when lululemon on St-Denis in Montreal contacted me about checking out some of their casual clothes. I need a wardrobe update (badly) and now that I’m done with my maternity days am happy to get some nice pieces that will last me through the ages.

Lululemon - Casual, comfortable and stylish clothing | Yogi Crew Sweater / Skinny Will Pant / Cool Racerback Top / Urban Sanctuary Bag / Blissed Out Circle Scarf / Twisted Bliss Ear Warmer

(Coat, Shoes, Stroller and Baby are my own!)

At first when the store manager talked to me about casual clothing at lululemon I was a bit skeptical.  It had been a while since I had ventured into the store and in my mind it was full of technical leggings, beautiful yoga tops and running bras that really work.  I mean, half the reason I used to work out was so I could justify filling my closet with jewel coloured tops.  So, imagine how surprised I was to see a huge selection of comfortable clothes that would work outside the gym.

Lululemon - Casual, comfortable and stylish clothing | www.roastedmontreal.comYogi Crew Sweater

Lululemon - Casual, comfortable and stylish clothing | www.roastedmontreal.comHeadwear and Scarves

Lululemon - Casual, comfortable and stylish clothing | www.roastedmontreal.comCardi All Day

Lululemon - Casual, comfortable and stylish clothing | www.roastedmontreal.comYogi Crew Sweaters

Lululemon - Casual, comfortable and stylish clothing | www.roastedmontreal.comBlissed Out Circle Scarves

Lululemon - Casual, comfortable and stylish clothing | www.roastedmontreal.comYogi Crew Sweater / Skinny Will Pant / Cool Racerback Top / Urban Sanctuary Bag / Blissed Out Circle Scarf / Twisted Bliss Ear Warmer

I was still totally not sure what would look good with my changing body shape (I did just have a kid) so the helpful attendants held me by the hand and picked out all sorts of clothes that would work for my lifestyle and body.  I loved trying on all the different pants and tops and seeing what worked and what didn’t.  In the end I decided on this combination of cool greys and a punchy raspberry colour (just seen under the sweater and on the bag.)

What I’m wearing:

The Blissed Out Circle Scarf is SO warm and thick – perfect for cold winter days and it can be doubled up if you need the extra warmth and the Twisted Bliss Ear Warmer  is so cute too.

The Urban Sanctuary bag is perfect for your gym gear.. or as a diaper bag.  It’s water-resistant and easy to wipe clean for spills and stains.  There’s a front pocket to hold your mobile and a large zipper opening making it easy to pack and find all your stuff.  There’s even a large wet/dry pocket in case you have dirty clothes.

Lululemon - Casual, comfortable and stylish clothing | www.roastedmontreal.comYogi Crew Sweater / Skinny Will Pant / Cool Racerback Top 

The Yogi Crew Sweater is so warm and I love throwing it on for cold walks or warming up on the couch (it even has thumbholes in case you forget your mitts!)  Underneath, the Cool Racerback tank is super versatile for layering, wearing on it’s own or actually working out in.  It comes in a ton of colours too.  My biggest surprise and love though?  The Skinny Will Pant.  It’s in a stretchy fabric but with a herringbone pattern that gives it just that bit of texture to elevate it from gym wear to smart street wear.  There’s even pockets!  I also like the fact that you can wear it high for extra tummy support of fold it over whenever you want.

Le Couteau on St-Denis, Montreal |

We took the clothes out for a spin and headed down the street to the wonderful café Le Couteau where I indulged in a decadent hot chocolate and where many of these photos were taken.  I felt great, was comfortable and I think even baby Alex liked it too!

Thank-you lululemon for the experience and the clothes!

Check out lululemon St-Denis’ Facebook page here or their store details here.


All photos by Isabelle Hayes.  (Check out her Ye Ye Style Blog and Ye Ye Vintage Boutique while you’re at it!)

*This post was sponsored by lululemon.

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L’Gros Luxe – Cool Comfort Food in the Mile End

I’ve been wanting to visit L’Gros Luxe on Bernard for a while (they also have a Plateau location).  I’d heard good things about it and I liked the fact that it was open for lunch.  I finally got the chance to hit it up the other day, and was not disappointed.

L'Gros Luxe Bar

The interior is pretty fun, and they staff were accommodating to our car seat.  In fact, there were a few kids there, and a stroller parked in the corner.

L'gros Luxe AvocadoAvocado Fries ($6)

Before I went I did a little research on what to order… (What? You don’t research your menu picks in advance?)  A lot of people seemed to be going for the avocado fries – I’m not sure if this was because it was something unique or because it was a fantastic choice.  You can read about it on both The Gazette and Shut Up and Eat.  They were good, but I don’t think I could have had a portion to myself (it was split).  I don’t even think we finished them.  It was unique though and I’m glad I tried them.

L'Gros Luxe Fish TacosFish Tacos ($6)

Guided by my own cravings (and the aforementioned post on Shut Up and Eat) I got the fish tacos which I loved.  There wasn’t a HUGE amount of fish, but enough and I loved the crunchy salad and the sauce on top.  Yum!

L'Gros Luxe Grilled CheeseClassic Grilled Cheese ($6)

My friend went for the classic grilled cheese which was also good.  You can see that for $6 you get quite a lot!

L'Gros Luxe Tomato SoupClassic Tomato Soup ($5)

I also went for the classic tomato soup (why not, I’m 9 months pregnant) which was rich and thick.  I always think there’s a very fine line between hearty tomato soup and pasta sauce but I love tomato soup and was happy to eat the whole thing.  It was just a little spicy which was nice.

L'Gros Luxe Interior Door

Overall, I really liked my experience.  It was a cool atmosphere, the staff were very competent and we were served quickly (granted – we came after the lunch hour rush at around 1:00).  They were pretty cool with the kid, and there was lots of great, inexpensive choices on the menu.  Total cost of lunch for all of that was $28 for the two of us which is pretty darn inexpensive.

I would call this place kid friendly.  I don’t think it would be appropriate for say 5 moms and their screaming toddlers (people – there are other places for that) but for a single toddler or moms with a couple of babies in car seats I think it’s fine.  The place is pretty busy so I would recommend going at an off time.  Not only will you likely have more room for your wee ones, you will also likely get served faster.  There’s nothing worse than knowing you have a one hour window and then waiting around for lunch for 45 minutes.

I’d definitely go back!

L’Gros Luxe Mile End, 150 rue Bernard West, 514-5047-8883

Decor: It’s a little bit dark and moody but there are big windows so you don’t feel like you are in a cave.  Trendy and fun.

Service: We had excellent service but arrived after the lunch hour rush.

Prices: Extremely fair.  All that for $28?!  A $6 burger?

Food: Lots of choice, inventive and homey.  It runs the gamut from tomato soup to poutine grilled cheese.  I’d love to go back and eat up the menu.

Good For: Lunch with friends, dinner out.  I imagine at night it could get quite rowdy and they don’t take reservations so keep that in mind.

Baby Friendly: I didn’t check out the restrooms but I’m pretty positive you aren’t going to find any sort of change facilities.  BUT if you want something a little different and are tired of cafés or the usual spots I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all with a baby in tow.  As mentioned, there were other kids too.  The menu itself is also pretty kid friendly.  If you want to go at night I’d go early as it looks like it turns into a bar atmosphere.

ps If you are looking for other kid friendly restaurants check out this page.

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Vintage & Unique: Salvage Jewelry Co.

SJ BanglesBangles from Salvage Jewelry Co.

I love finding unique and affordable jewelry so was delighted to stumble upon Salvage Jewelry Co.  The designer uses vintage and recycled components to create cool unique pieces.

Salvage Jewelry Necklace

SJ Cascade Earrings

SJ Hexagon Studs

SJ Single ArrowThese are some of my faves.  Aren’t they just so pretty?

Find them online at Salvage Jewelry Co.

ps If you are looking for more unique jewelry check out my posts on Foxy Originals and Jewelry Gift Ideas.

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Gift Guide for your Cutie Kid

Hux Baby Cross Romper

Hux Baby Crosses Romper 

Because… You may have to get it shipped from Australia but it’s adorable and unisex!

 egg a go goNever Not Tired and Never Tired Parent & Kid T-Shirt Set from Egg-A-Go-Go

Because… ain’t that the truth and if it isn’t us we know someone that is going through sleepless nights

 Whistle & Flute BeanieJe t’aime toque from Whistle & Flute

Because… this Canadian shop has the cutest clothes, you love your kid, and you can even get a matching toque in an adult size.

Misha & Puff EVERYDAY POINTY PEAK HAT GRAPHITEEveryday Pointy Peak Hat from Mama Owl

Because… it’s freaking adorable.

PS If you are looking for more gifts for kids with a local Montreal flair check out my Local Gift Guide for Kiddos from last year

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Em Café – Kid Friendly on Parc

Em Café ExterieurI’ve been meaning to talk about EM Café for a while, because I feel it’s such a great lunch pick for babies and kids.

Em Cafe Interior 1Located on Park Avenue near Bernard, this spot is our sort-of go-to when we want to have lunch and have a baby in tow.  There are two steps to get up to the restaurant inside but once you are in there is plenty of room for strollers and there are even change facilities in the bathroom.

Em Cafe Interior 2I’ve never been for brunch or dinner, but I see that they are open until 9pm Monday to Friday.

Em Cafe MenuThe food is fairly standard and basic.  I’ve never had anything bad, but I’ve never had anything that I would ever HAVE to have again or really crave.

Em Cafe BurgerClassic Burger ($7.95)

Em Cafe Em WrapEM Wrap ($11.95)

But, I think it’s a great place to know about and I wanted to let you guys in on it.

EM Café, 5718 av du Parc, 514-303-5735

Decor: Basic café decor.  They often have really interesting art on display.

Service: Fast and efficient – but I’ve never really been there when it was overwhelmingly busy.

Prices: Average for the area.

Food: It’s good but fairly basic.

Good For: Lunch with  babies!  There are a lot of people tapping away on their computers as well.

Baby Friendly: Yes!  They even have change facilities!

Ps. If you are looking for other Kid-Friendly dining options check out this page.


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