Tiny Human Prison Guards + Winter = Survival Mode

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How have you been coping this winter?  It’s been so cold and the sidewalks have been terrible.  Sometimes (OK often) it feels like I am inside this beautiful prison (aka my home) and my adorable sons are my tiny human prison guards who keep me locked in.  Want to go out for dinner?  Baby is fussy all evening long.  Want to relax on the couch and watch TV?  If it isn’t a cartoon on the TV my other son yells “no – no people – no people.”  Want to get my hair cut that is atrociously long and disgusting?  How am I supposed to deal with that huge sheet draped over me while holding the baby?  Not to mention hair in the eyes.

So we ride it out.  I look a lot to the future… as in… I will never have to go through this again.  I will never again have to breastfeed while eating dinner. I will never again have to get pooped on.  I will never again have to cancel every single evening media and friend invite I receive.  Because this time will pass.  This is a long term view, I know, but it will.  One day we will eat as a family in a restaurant at a time past 6:00.  Maybe not in a year or two, but some day.  Some day I will not feel it is necessary to go to bed at 8:00 just so I can get a decent sleep.  Some day we will have family holidays which will be fun and not lessons in patience.

Humour gets us through a lot of this.  I basically just look at the situation and laugh and know that it will pass.  What seems so difficult and tiring now will one day  be a funny story.  Begging our son to poop on the potty?  Pretty damn frustrating now but in 15 years will be a good story.  Getting spit up on so often I stop changing my clothes and go around with big white marks?  Not so funny now, but probably will be in, again, 15 years.

I know a lot of people say enjoy them when they are young – they grow up so fast.  I say, do your best, survive and when they do grow up look back and remember the good times.

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What I’ve Been Baking Lately….

Ovenly's Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie (Vegan)

If you’ve been following my Instagram account  you’ll notice I’ve been on a major baking kick.  I’ve mostly gotten the recipes off of the internet although I did buy Ovenly’s fantastic cookbook and am planning on buying Momofuku Milk Bar’s cookbook from Appetite for Books here in Westmount as soon as I can leave the house with the stroller (i.e. the streets aren’t full of slush.)

Here are a few of the recipe’s I’ve made and loved:

Ovenly’s Famous Vegan Chocolate Chip Recipe

Ovenly’s Salty, Deep-Dark Chocolate Brownies (tip: I bought dark cocoa from Patisserie Gascogne.  I think it was actually supposed to be a hot chocolate mix but it worked!)

Momofuku Milk Bar's Cornflake-Chocolate Chip-Marshmallow Cookie

Momofuku Milk Bar’s Cornflake-Chocolate Chip-Marshmallow Cookie

I do recommend the Ovenly cookbook.  It feels very now and the treats are very grown up but still fun.  I’ve also made the Cornflake topped Blueberry Muffins and Raspberry Drop Scones (I believe the recipe is only in the cookbook.)

Ovenly's Blueberry Cornflake Muffins

The Momofuku Milk Bar recipes are definitely not quick.  In fact I had them clipped from a newspaper article for years before I had the time to tackle them.  They usually come in multiple parts which I tackle a day at a time.  For example, I have some of their Cereal Milk in my fridge right now waiting to be incorporated into their blueberry and cream cookies.  I ordered the glucose for the recipe online.  But, being stuck inside I have the time and I need a challenge.  Which makes these modern takes on classic cookies perfect.

Have you guys cooked anything from either of these books?  Are there any other cookbooks out there that you are loving?


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Shake It Off & Get Down Dad

Dover Police Shake it Off

I’m semi-obsessed with this viral video of a Delaware police offer singing along perfectly to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off:


Whenever I need a little perk I just throw it on YouTube and dance along.  What I loved most about it though was that this burly cop learned the lyrics because his ten year old daughter is such a fan of the song.  I also love the fact that he has no shame in sassing it up.

Where am I going with this (besides the fact that I love this video?)  The fact that this cool dad learned the lyrics from his daughter and the fact that he’s not afraid to be silly for the camera – something that I am not sure would have happened ‘back in the day.’  I’m so grateful that dad’s are so much more involved in parenting these days.  Changing diapers, carrying around kiddo in the Bjorn, begging your son to do stinky poo on the potty.  But also I think it’s so amazing that dads are connecting with their kids and playing with them and having fun with them.  I just think when both parents are involved in raising children, interacting with kids and having fun with them it makes for such a happier household for everyone.  The children feel supported by both parents, mom gets a bit of a hand, and dad gets to be involved with his kids.  Fun for everyone!

ps I may be posting a little more infrequently these days.  Little baby is a lot more demanding and getting time in front of the computer is pretty limited.  Just bare with me!

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Raymond Biesinger – Beautiful & Unique City Prints

RB MontrealMontreal on 27 April 1967 by Raymond Biesinger

I love discovering artists and finding unique prints that are also affordable.  Illustrator and artists Raymond Biesinger’s works really spoke to me.  I love the intimate details, the city settings and his style of illustrating.

RB EdmontonEdmonton on 1 July 1983 by Raymond Biesinger

He’s also originally from Edmonton (shout-out to another Alberta ex-pat in Montreal!)

RB TorontoToronto on 26 June 1967 by Raymond Biesinger

I think my favourites are his city series because I’ve always been pretty big into architecture and city life.  For his city series you can go on his Etsy shop and he has listed the names of all the buildings present in the prints which is pretty cool.

RB Meat Cut ChartButcher Shop Meat Cut Chart by Raymond Biesinger

He also has a wide range of other prints including some in colour.  I can picture the above print in a kitchen.

RB LobsterBlue Lobster Crustacean by Raymond Biesinger

 I encourage you to check out his website which has illustrations on everything from Arsenal FC to Surveillance Spy Cameras or WWI.

Raymond Biesinger’s Etsy Page

Raymond Biesinger’s Webpage

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Wonderfilled Magazine – Montreal

Wonderfilled Magazine

I had the pleasure of contributing my experience with sugar shacks in the fabulous brand new magazine Wonderfilled.  It’s a lovely magazine that focuses on discovering a new destination every month and for their opening issue they focused on Montreal.  Check it out here!

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