The Cabin – a Hidden-Hip-Affordable Spa in Mile-Ex & a Giveaway

The Cabin Amy Johnson

Some things I love about writing this blog are discovering new places/spaces/people and hearing from readers so I was so delighted when Amy Johnson (above) of The Cabin Spa invited me to come around to discover her spa and offered me a pedicure.  How could I say no?


Two Horses Overview

When entering the spa prepare to be first underwhelmed and then overwhelmed.  The spa is located in a fairly typical brick building on Jean-Talon with a large light-fixtures retailer on the main floor.  Take an elevator (or the stairs if you are not 8 months pregnant) up to the third floor and walk through a fairly industrious hall to reach Two Horses which is a salon and tattoo parlour (is parlour the right word? That sounds like it’s from the 1800’s…)  Within the salon is The Cabin.  But first you get to walk through the magical little salon.

Two Horses Cross Stitch

Two Horses Entrance

Two Horses Hair Salon

It was pretty mind-blowing and not at all what I expected.  Amy told me that along with your usual coffee and water they also offer patrons beer with their cut and it gets to be a pretty fun hang-out type of atmosphere in the afternoons.  Just the opposite of those scary big salons where you are shuffled along from station to station with a million people whizzing past you.

Two Horses Swings

Two Horses Tattoo Window

Two Horses Tattoo

I was going to get into Amy Johnson and her qualifications but just read all about her here.  Here’s what I do have to say though:

1. She does it all – nails, waxing, facials, pedicures (menu here) and it’s all very affordable.  A facial runs $55 – $80 and a shellac pedicure is only $35.

The Cabin Room

2. The environment is very relax and chill.  No rain spa music.

3.  There is ROOM FOR STROLLERS AND BABIES.  There are stairs to get up into the main floor of the building, but once you make it up there you are all good.  Spa services are in a large private room, so you can have your baby parked, and breastfeed in privacy if need be.  Also, the spa is not all hush hush so if your kid isn’t having a good day you aren’t disturbing a million old ladies.  Plus, she’s a mom herself so she gets it.

4. Facials – These have always totally intimidated me.  I thought they were for people that were extremely beauty oriented and normal folk like myself didn’t get them.  Wrong.  Amy said that the changing of seasons or around two months after having baby is the best time to get a facial as seasonal and hormonal changes can be tough on skin.  She’ll look at your skin, offer a variety of masks and provide a facial massage to get rid of dead skin and get some life back in it.  Just what you need after two months of no sleep and dry skin from breastfeeding.

5. Herbivore Botanicals – This is the line of products that Amy uses.  It’s from Seattle and all natural but very active.  It’s also very affordable which means she can offer affordable services.

6. Nails – Nail art kind of intimidated me/I thought it was a little cheesy.  Amy assures me she can do a mean flamingo but right now the trend is towards more geometric or empty spaces.  To get a feeling for what I mean check out Amy’s Instagram.  Very cool.

7. Services – The pedicure was so lovely, especially for these tired feet.  So relaxing plus… pretty toes!!

Amy Johnson The Cabin

8. Amy.  Isn’t she sweet?  And there’s so much more to her.  Like she writes the fun online parenting mag Pomelo and used to design windows for Aldo!

CONTEST – Amy is giving away one Spa Pedicure to a lucky reader!  Just leave a comment below and I’ll choose someone at random one week from today.

The Cabin Spa at Two Horses, Atlas Building, suite 306, 170 Jean-Talon Ouest, H2R 2X4 438-383-1565

10-6 Tuesday and Wednesday

10 – 7 Thursday and Friday

12 – 6 Saturdays

Check out Amy’s Instagram, Two Horses Instagram, and Two Horses on Facebook

ps They are cash only

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Preggo Update – 34 Weeks

34 weeks pregnant

The bump and I after getting dressed up for JoshuaDavid‘s 5th anniversary event

(dress from Boutique Unicorn, Bag from Karen Millen, Shoes vintage from Kurt Geiger… OK they aren’t vintage they are just super old)

(The Good Wife in the background… our current Netflix obsession)

34 weeks….

The countdown is on but now I think that the panic has somewhat subsided and we just want to get on with it.  We’ve chosen a name (unless there’s some last minute brilliant idea) and the car seat has been cleaned.  Just a matter of getting over the last month.

Ups and downs of the third trimester:


The baby is coming soon!

More sympathy from people… is that bad to say?  But I think you can get away with more stuff… like complaints…

The baby is coming soon!


The baby is so much stronger which means serious jabs and pokes everywhere…  I don’t think I can go 5 minutes without movement… which does kind of freak me out for what’s to come.

Trouble getting on shoes/pants/clothing/underwear…  it’s ridiculous.  There’s no way I could try on a bunch of shoes or clothes.  I am wearing my rain boots everyday whether it rains or not.

Simultaneously having to drink and pee… a very interesting conundrum.

Acid reflux… man I never had this with baby #1 and it’s terrible.  Probably the worst part of the third trimester.

Staring at my winter wardrobe wondering what the hell I’m going to wear for the next month.


On an aside, I haven’t gained nearly as much weight the first time around which is definitely not down to me being food conscious or anything.  Most people think I’m only 6 months pregnant.  I may  not be big but the kid is still coming in at 4 1/2 pounds which is a pretty average size (actually it’s 45th percentile – same as Bastien).  I think this is 100% down to me not working in a job where I’m tired and eating food to stay awake/eating at the food court every day.


I can’t wait to meet the little peanut!

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Food Delivery in Montreal

PP may menu-6

Food Delivery from Petit Pots

As I approach the final countdown to my due date, I’m thinking about ways I can de-stress my life and food delivery is a big YES in my books.  I’ve had the pleasure of being offered several food delivery options, and also using some myself back when my first son was born.

Fresh Mint Food

Food delivery from Freshmint

Food delivery has exploded since those chaotic days and there are so many options out there now – gluten free, paleo, order on the day of, healthy or… not so healthy.  Here is a round up of the ones I know about.  I’d love to know if anyone else knows of any other food delivery services that you guys can recommend.

Please note I have not personally tried all of these services!  Where I have and I’ve done a blog post on it I’ve linked back.

-Freshmint  Bonus: You can order on the same day and get your food delivered shortly thereafter.  My blog post is here.

-Petit Pots - Gluten Free healthy food delivered in cute little jars.  My blog post is here.

-Chef on Call – Lots of different choices available which tend to be on the more gluttonous side.  The menu has a wide variety of burgers and poutines but there are a few healthier options.  My blog post is here.

-Le Lunch Box – A new option that has been on my calendar to try for a very long time.  Paleo and gluten free options are available.  It seems to have gotten good review from what I’ve read in the blogosphere.

-Bon C Bon – This is what we used when Bastien was born.  Reliable delivery and good options.

-Room Service – This is a brand new delivery service – I just got a press release on it last week.  I’d love to know if anyone has tried it.

-Bloom Foods – We recently used this Montreal Mom’s food delivery service for a new mom and she loved it.  The foods are healthy and nutritious with family and toddlers in mind.  The website may not be up yet so please contact Krystyne directly at for menus and further information.

Anyone else had any experiences?

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Friday Links I Love

Norwegian Knits

I have been feeling TIRED lately.  I thought I had this thing kicked when I started taking iron pills but it seems that it’s allergy season for me and I am not sleeping well at all.  Plus, between hiccups and yoga exercises in my belly this kid isn’t giving me a break.  Argh…  So, sorry for the lack of posting but my mind is mush.  Oh well…. 7 weeks to go and then I’m sure I’ll be pining for these days!

Isn’t the above knit cute??  If you read Norwegian you can knit it up yourself!

I’ve been meaning to head to this amazing new spot in Montreal for a while – and it seems that they are doing brunch right too

Carter’s/OshKosh now ships from Canada!!!!  I got a bunch of stuff from them a while back and really liked it.

I love Donna Wilson and she now has an adorable kids range at John Lewis

It’s amazing how something so everyday can be so beautiful

I’m LOVING these modern planters

And if I ever need a project I’ll be making these

Just this

This Au Pain Doré (!) on Côte-des-Neiges (!) will surprise you

I’m not much of a logo gal but I think this is pretty discreet and graceful

I’m now 34 weeks!  And this couldn’t be truer…

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JarBar Pop Up at Cosmos in NDG

JarBar logo

There’s a new pop up restaurant at Cosmos!  JarBar will be open every Thursday from 9pm – 1am, Friday and Saturday from 9pm – 3am for the foreseeable future.



There will be Facebook and Instagram contests in the future so if you go make sure to use the hashtags #thatsmyjar #jarbar514 #jarbarpopup for your social media.

Check out their Facebook page for more info

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