What I’m Watching Now…

Mindy Kaling

So, I got Netflix for my birthday (thanks family!) and it’s a bit of a revelation.  First off, I cut my cable/phone/internet bill almost in half by reducing the channels I had (and yes, I have a landline!)  Secondly, I went from someone who didn’t really watch any TV to a binge TV watcher.


So far, I’m obsessed with The Mindy Project (is anyone else in love with Danny?) but my friends have also recommended I check out Suits and Call the Midwife (which frankly I think will be too emotional for me in my pregnant state).  I’m almost looking forward to hours of breastfeeding while sitting on the couch.

Any other shows I should check out?

ps Can you believe July is almost over!?  Yikes!

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A few places I found…

While I was away I was doing mucho surfing on Instagram and discovered so many cute places and spaces on the web.  These are just a few of them:

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.38.57 PM

Brickyard Buffalo  - a cool pop up shop with unique curated content

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.40.28 PM

Moon Fries – A Vancouver based/Vancouver made shop selling fun kids wear.  Love the hoodies and hats!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.43.46 PM

Cooking with Toddlers – Regular readers will know I am a fan of getting my son to help out in the kitchen and I’m looking forward to checking out this sight more to get ideas about having him more involved.  Teaching cooking skills (safely) is such a good thing for healthy eating!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.46.09 PM

inkifi - I’m kind of obsessed with instagram and let’s face it all those filters and editing tools create some pretty dreamy photos.  The idea of having these memories on my wall sounds just perfect.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.48.27 PM

Kapow Kids – What’s up with all the amazing childrenswear coming out of Australia?  Melbourne based shop Kapow Kids has some pretty awesome kids clothing going on.  The prints and pants are just perfect.

Do you have any favourite sites??


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Bye Bye NDG – Top 10 Things I Will Miss

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

So, by the time this post goes live I will already be living in Westmount but as of the time of writing I am still in my little corner of NDG.  I am excited about moving and, let’s not be dramatic here, I’m moving ten minutes away but I always get emotional about things especially in my 26-week pregnant state.  In total I’ve called NDG home for about 6 years and have learned to love the area.  Here’s what I will miss most:

1. My friends & neighbours – especially our little friend across the street Leo (and his parents!), Steve at The Italian Pantry, and the friendly faces I encounter all the time including the ladies at the Provigo checkout, the folks at Melk and the butchers at Le Maitre Boucher.  Everyone – I will be back!

2. Kefta Sandwiches at Akhavan and all the other exotic goodies they have

3. Walking to Girouard Park – where my son recently learned to climb the ‘rock wall’ and we spent so many hours

4. Benny Pool – I complained about you… until I went to the Westmount YMCA pool

5. Strolling Monkland and running into friends

6. The Italian Pantry – just around the corner and the provider of so many meals and ingredients

7. Cafe de Mercanti – amazing gelato on our doorstep.  My fave is the greek yoghurt.

8. TA Pies – for the easy lunch meals and delicious desserts

9. Le Maitre Boucher – for the great meat and fish

10. Spice Station – where I know I can get any spice I want!

And of course, there are some things I won’t miss such as the traffic/construction issues, having no real backyard and the too-high rent meaning survival on Monkland for any business is often short and brutal.


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A Holiday to Remember

Charlie & I

Our little family once again headed back to the wilds of Northern Saskatchewan to visit family and hang out at my parents cottage.  Getting there is a bit of a journey (which you can read about here) but once we made it we were welcomed with warm weather, cool water, and great times.  I got to meet my little nephew Charlie (pictured above) who came all the way from London which was a delight and visit with my sister and brother-in-law.

Bastien Kiddy PoolBastine & I Bastien Water

Bastien loves the water, although he did complain quite a bit when we tried to get him straight into the deeper colder water off our dock (it *was* freezing…)  Once he got used to the water he was all good.  Up on our deck he amused himself thoroughly with the water table and managed to get fully clothed into the kiddy pool a few times to splash around.  Let’s just say I was happy my parents installed laundry machines this year….

Bastien Boat

One of his favourite things was to drive the motorboat.  He learned how to go ‘faster faster’ pretty quick and loved to hit the boat up to full speed (which I did not love…)  To this day he will still pound things with his right fist and scream to go faster.  I think we have a little speed demon on our hands… (scary!)

Bastien & Grandpa

He had lots of fun with Grandma and Grandpa including heading to the sand hill, looking at trucks (which there are ALOT of in that neck of the woods), eating ice cream, watching DVDs in the auto as we cruised around Northern Saskatchewan visiting friends, climbing crazy playground equipment, eating sand, throwing sticks and rocks into the lake, drinking the kiddy pool water and tormenting the cat.

Bastien & Horse

On our way back we stayed a couple days in my hometown of Lloydminster where we hit up the local fair called Colonial Days.  A fair in that part of the world always includes agriculture and rodeos and we took Bastien around to see all the animals which he LOVED.  He also hit up a few of the kiddy rides and of course loved the mini-roller coaster (the fastest ride that he qualified for).  The mini-donuts weren’t so bad either.  There were a few bobos but the worst was a tiny little sliver which he probably got from climbing on all those wooden fences trying to get in with the sheep.  A quick stop to the first aid tent got it out…

Overall, a great holiday and lovely company.  I just visited my OBGYN and she remarked that I had a bit of a large weight gain since the last appointment so clearly we ate quite well too!

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Happy Birthday To Me!


via The Cake Blog

Happy Birthday to Me!  And Prince George!  And little Charlotte!

ps I think I might treat myself with this…. or this

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