La Diperie – Soft Serve with a Dipping of Deliciousness

La Diperie Header

In my quest to try every possible ice cream offering in Montreal, or so it seems, I dragged the family across town to La Diperie which is located just east of St-Laurent on des Pins.

La Diperie is a new little shop which offers vanilla soft serve dipped in a choice of 15 different flavours from milk chocolate to maple syrup.  It can then be sprinkled with a variety of toppings to add up the deliciousness factor.  My husband went for sucre à la crème and I tried “La Diperie” which is a combination of almonds, milk chocolate and caramel ganache.  The little one had soft serve in a cup with milk chocolate draped over it.

La Diperie In Progress

The prices are reasonable and I like the fact that this is a little twist on your regular soft serve.  The place is tiny and I only recall a few stools to sit on so expect your ice cream to go, or sit on a bench outside like we did.

La Diperie Options

I encourage you to check it out!

La Diperie, 64 Avenue Des Pins Est

Decor: A simple summery take out joint.

Service: Well, we were served right away.  There was maybe a couple people ahead of us.

Prices: Reasonable – see photo above.

Food: Well, the ice cream was great!  I mean it’s regular soft serve but, well, I love soft serve…

Good For: When isn’t it a good time for ice cream?

Baby Friendly: This place is tiny, so tiny we thought twice about wheeling in our umbrella stroller.  But I mean, it’s ice cream, and it can be eaten outside, on a park bench, or wherever.  What kid doesn’t love ice cream?


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Fresh Mint – Fresh & Fabulous Food Delivery

Fresh Mint Header

I was recently contacted by the folks at Montreal food delivery service FreshMint to see if I wanted to try their food delivery service.  Umm.. yes please!  I love to cook, don’t get me wrong, but a break every now and then is welcome – plus I know for the first little while with baby we will probably get food delivered so it gave me the chance to try out a new option.

Fresh Mint Bags

FreshMint is a home-cooked meal delivery service using locally-sourced ingredients and all meals are delivered by bike.  The menu changes weekly but includes recipes like open-faced steak and guacamole sandwich or spice-rubbed chicken tajine.

Fresh Mint Postcard

I was lucky enough to try the Guinness beef brisket with pickles, coleslaw and dijon mustard.  Honestly, it was really good and still hot when it was delivered, right on time, to my front door.

Fresh Mint Food

The meals are $12 which includes delivery and tip.  Frequent customers can pay $10 per month and have their meals delivered for only $9 a pop.  Once you sign up to the service you will receive an email every weekday at 11am and customers can order any time before 1pm.  Meals are offered for both lunch (11am – 1pm) and dinner (6-7:30pm) and meals arrive 30-45 minutes after the order is placed.  Portion size and price is the same for both lunch and dinner.

Fresh Mint Food 2

Lunch delivery zones are pretty much downtown, St-Henri, Little Burgundy and Pointe-St-Charles (see their website for exact postal codes).  The dinner zones are a little larger and include H2X and H2W.  Westmounters rejoice – H3Y will be added in the fall!

I found the website a bit confusing but a new version will be released by the beginning of September.  In the meantime, I found FreshMint to be great for the food, service (delivered on time!) and price point.


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RIP Robin Williams

robin williams

I am sure like so many of you I was completely shocked and stunned at the apparent suicide of Robin Williams.  I loved Robin Williams – he was smart, funny and made me laugh.

I think what surprised me most was that he seemed so happy.  He seemed to have it all.  I mean, I don’t know the details of his life (clearly) but from a distant onlooker’s prospective it seemed like such a charmed existance.

But it clearly wasn’t.

Many days I think to myself I would only be happier if… I had a more successful blog, I had more time, I had better clothes, I had I had I had.  I am overall I would say pretty happy but in the continuous quest for self improvement I always think things could be better… I suppose this is good and bad.  But sometimes I need to realize that more isn’t necessarily better and doesn’t necessarily equate to a happier life.  I am grateful for what I have, and am happy to be surrounded by my little (and growing) family every day.

I’ll miss you Robin Williams.


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Dynamite – A Fresh New Look

Dynamite100000650100000650Jumpsuit – $59.90

Canadian fashion brand Dynamite is celebrating their 30th (!) anniversary this year with a full makeover.  There’s a lot of black and white, chunky jewelry and great textures coming out.

73-3153Shaker Stitch Sweater – $29.90

The clothes will have the influence of both London street-style and NYC in the early ’90′s.  The shops will also be giving a total makeover with a white store design and glam accents.

10002267_3Jacquard Bodycon Dress – $49.90


100000582Skirt – $32.90


100002336100002336Short Necklace with metal Plate – $16.90

These were some of my faves from their Fall 2014 Look Book but there’s a ton more stuff available and it should all be in store today!


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Links I Love

No carb pastaSlutty No-Carb Pasta from The Londoner

What are you guys up to this weekend?  We’ve got a couple of fun things planned including a birthday party for a sweet little boy at our neighbours.  On that topic, we’ve actually been overwhelmed at the friendliness of our new neighbours which besides the usual introductions have included schemes to band together to offer parking spots when we are in a crunch, and my lovely neighbour who ran over and took care of Bastien so I could move my car before a jackhammer created a path of chewed up sidewalk and blocked me in my parking spot.  People in Westmount really are just so friendly, and I really feel like I am settling in well.  Yay!

My friend (you know who you are) raves about spaghetti squash but I just can’t bring myself to try it… I don’t know why I am so hesitant but she loves it.  When I came across this recipe for pasta using zucchini I thought I could maybe start there with the whole ‘veg for carbs’ switcharoo… I might even bring myself to use some anchovies in the recipe.  Now I just need to find a spiralizer

Would you ever try pop rocks popcorn?  Or just pop rocks in general?!

We are slowly decorating our place (pictures to come someday!) and I love this DIY subway mirror

I want to vacation like Will & Kate!

These muffins would be perfect for a new mom gift – indulgent but low cal…

Fall is coming and I love these sweatshirt picks

This is a cool party trick I’d love to try one day…

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