The Palladium and Ballerina Project

Palladium_BallerinaProject_DaneShitagi_18I think ballerinas are just so graceful and strong, and I love these images from Palladium of ballerinas wearing the shoes from the Flex Collection which was recently reintroduced from the Palladium archives.

Palladium_BallerinaProject_DaneShitagi_16They were created by photographer Dane Shitagi, and are set in Seattle (did you spot the space needle above?)

Palladium_BallerinaProject_DaneShitagi_12Just gorgeous, no?




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Fall in Love with Kalika Bowlby Pottery

cupsWhen I stumbled upon Kalika Bowlby Pottery  I just fell in love.  The soft shades, the geometric patterns, and the love put into each piece is just gorgeous.

banner-wp3butter dishcheese boardBased in Nelson, BC, she’s featured in several shops and studios in Western Canada.  For us Easterners there’s always her Etsy website to pick up some of these great finds.

cupfloral-bowlsstripesI’m personally eyeing those short cups which are just too cute and pretty affordable at $24 a pop, considering it’s handmade and completely unique.

Check her out:

Website: Kalika Bowlby Pottery





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Happy Easter Everyone!

Culing B*WHope you are somewhere that makes you happy!


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Avoiding Awkward Pregnancy Moments on Public Transit



Have you ever ridden on public transit and seen someone who was probably pregnant and thought you should give up your seat but didn’t want to insult the women?  I’ve actually seen a man try and do this, only to find out the much insulted girl was not with child.

Alternatively, have you been in a stuffed bus or metro and dying for a seat for your pregnant ass but no one can tell because you have a huge winter jacket on or don’t really look pregnant?

In the UK they have a solution for this.  The London Underground has a badge that expecting mothers can wear to let people know that they are indeed pregnant.  I would love to have this worn on public transit in Montreal so I could give up my seat with confidence.

I asked my sister, who had a baby in London, if she wore one and what her experience was.

pregnant-woman-in-a-bus-250-thumb-250x250-701071photo via


Roasted: So, did you wear one of those tube preggo badges?

I always carried one in my purse but only wore it when I felt I needed it (ie) I was exhausted and the tube was packed.  I would have felt like an idiot wearing it when there were a ton of empty seats

Roasted: Did it feel awkward or are they so common that it felt normal?

They are super common so it never felt weird.  

Roasted: What was your experience?  Did you find people were more likely to pleasantly give you their seat?

Before I got pregnant I had a policy that I would only give up my seat if someone was wearing a badge.  I just didn’t want to accidentally assume someone was pregnant and thought if they couldn’t be bothered to wear the badge I couldn’t be bothered to give them my seat.

My experience though was that clearly very few people think like me.  If someone is going to be nice enough to offer you their seat they will do it whether you wear the badge or not.  I have had times wear I wore the badge and nobody offered their seat and times when I didn’t wear it and people offered.  However this was maybe because I always looked pregnant.  I feel like if you were barely showing or just a big person they would def come in more handy.  

On a side note I found that if people did offer their seat and you declined they got a bit irritated therefore I started always accepting the seat even when I knew I could stand.  It seemed to make the person feel good like they were doing their good deed for the day.  

So there you have it.  When is someone going to design and start selling badges for the Metro??

Would you wear one??

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Eating Through Time: The Supersizers

supersizers-go-regencyI love me a little British humour.  I mean, some of it I just don’t get.  Only Fools and Horses was a FAVE of my British colleagues and I really couldn’t see what was funny about it.  But, The Office, The Inbetweeners… is there anything better?

the-supersizers-goSo a little British humour from two of my favourite funny people, Giles Coren and Sue Perkins, PLUS some history which I kind of love, is right up my alley.

arts-graphics-2008_1186123aThis is where The Supersizers comes in.  Giles and Sue dress up in period costume and eat the food from different periods in (mostly British) history from Regency to Victorian, Austerity Wartime to the 1970′s.  And it’s hilarious.  They definitely don’t take themselves seriously, and the food is sometimes downright bizarre or disgusting (as are the huge portions for some of the shows).  I also think it’s pretty funny when they stay in costume and head to the streets of London yelling about bread or eating in the tube.  They also check their vitals before and after the experiment to see how healthy or unhealthy the diet is.

If you are at all interested in food, history, Britain, and laughing.. well check it out.

Bonus?  You can watch full episodes (split into 6 – 10 minute sections) on their YouTube channel or other channels on YouTube.  Just google it people…




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