Day Out: Planetarium

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So a few things.  First, here I am!  Posting!

Second, this post isn’t going to be that great.  I debated whether to do anything but then thought, well I’d want to know.  So…

Montreal Planetarium

My son had a day off school so we decided to head to the Montreal Planetarium at the Olympic Stadium.  I’d heard it was for older kids, but we had a day off so why not.

Montreal Planetarium

So it turns out the Planetarium is free!  But, it also turns out that to really enjoy the Planetarium you really know to go to a show because the part of the Planetarium that is free is the display area and it isn’t all that interesting…. (sorry whoever designed it…)  Maybe I was just in a bit of a down mood after being wowed by every other exhibit in the Olympic Stadium (the Biodome, Insectarium, Botanical Gardens) but I was very underwhelmed.

Montreal Planetarium

There’s an area where you can look at a lot of meteorites, do a (very difficult) puzzle putting together the earth as it once was, do some colouring, drive a mars rover, and there are quite a few electronic displays. When I enquired about going to a show the lady at the info counter right away asked me my son’s age.  She said the shows are for ages 7 and over and if my son spoke during the show he would be asked to leave.  I tried to buy a ticket anyways (my son is 5) and they were sold out until 2 hours from then.  On a Friday… in November… so you’ve been warned.

Montreal Planetarium

In the end we had a hot chocolate and called it a day.  I’ll be happy to come back to see a show when my kids are a little older and maybe I’ll be cringing at this write up thinking I got it all wrong but for now that’s what it is.

Montreal Planetarium Website

ps These aren’t the greatest photos in the world, but I am a photographer!  I’m friendly! Sessions are fun! Everyone’s glad they did it after!  For real!  Check me out!

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    This is how I felt while writing up my post on StrollerParking for our Cosmodome visit. I’d wanted to love it, but….
    Good to read this, as I’d been wondering about going!

      • Michelle
      • June 25, 2018

      I know – I debated but…. I’d want to know, right?

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