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Pilar Agueci’s jewellery is cool and clean, fresh and modern.  I love the way she takes simple shapes and lines and turns them into something that seems timeless but so right now.

I had the pleasure of meeting Pilar, who is from Montreal, in person at Puces Pop and she is a delight.  Warm and inspiring, I can see how her jewellery line is such a success.

Pilar has generously agreed to answer all my questions.  I was both surprised by some of the responses (the inspiration behind her latest line) and totally touched by why she continues to work so hard (hint: she’s a mom).

Read on for Pilar’s story:

Pilar Agueci | RoastedMontreal.com

Tell me a bit about the inspiration for your latest line of jewelry.

In contrast to the line of jewellery, there is a tremendous amount of detail and conception that goes into a creating a body of work. Although these pieces present themselves as simple, the background behind that simplicity is very detailed. As a creative person, honing in on what elements to carry through to the final collection can be a challenge. In my second series of jewellery, Euclide, I streamlined my inspirations into their basic elements. I asked myself what I saw in my everyday journey? How did these simple elements manifest themselves in shapes, lines and intersecting points?  How could I translate these visual references into a collection of jewellery? Euclide alligns itself with how I was feeling last year being pregnant and now as a new mother. I wanted to create a pieces that were simple, beautiful and easy for everyone to wear.

Pilar Agueci | RoastedMontreal.com

Who do you see wearing your jewelry?

I work towards creating pieces that are timeless and can be worn by any type of person. When designing a collection I think about my potential clients and an efficient use of materials and time.  I try to work with the materials in such a way to showcase their beauty while keeping their cost as low as possible. I think of my work not as niche, but as something for everyone. I’d like to see a variety of people wearing my jewellery!

Pilar Agueci | RoastedMontreal.com

Pilar Agueci | RoastedMontreal.com

Where do I see my business in the future?  What is my goal?

I’ve been working in the industry for over 10 years.  I graduated knowing it was going to take time and commitment to reach a point where I felt successful.  Colleagues of mine have said it takes 10,000 hours at the bench before you’re a professional. 10,000!  I’ve been fortunate enough to have some great educational and professional experiences that have defined how I see my career unfolding.  I want to continue making jewellery creating pieces that become memories and symbols. I want to make pieces that tell stories of love and are inspired by passion.  I would like to continue working towards building the custom jewellery aspect of my business as this can be the most personally rewarding.  I love the opportunity to create special pieces whether it be using new materials, or recycling something old into a new treasure.

Pilar Agueci | RoastedMontreal.com

You recently became a mother.  What has it been like trying to find a way to continue your professional career with a baby in tow?

Well, it’s been interesting! Before I had Olivia I asked myself what kind of mother I wanted to be. I’m a confessed workaholic!  It’s something I love doing and I set high goals for myself.  I really wondered how I was going to do both, and well. At the beginning it was a little dance; each taking turns, highs and lows, some rough patches, and then it became smoother. For me, being a mother is not just about satifying her immediate needs, but about teaching by example; how to set your own goals, choose your own path and pursue your dreams. Now, I have no choice but to succeed.

A huge thanks to Pilar for answering all my questions!

Please check out her website, Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram.

(Photo credits – Anthony McLean for the single jewellery shots, Sarah-Emily St Gelais for the model shots and Lela Gomez for the family portrait)


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