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Today I switched all my summer clothes to my winter clothes.

It was a bit depressing….

Since having my child, my life has changed from corporate day/sweats night/fancy pants on the weekend to….  casual day/hip casual for work & events.  All the corporate stuff is still in storage (it pains me to get rid of a perfectly good Ted Baker suit) and what’s left is either maternity (think tops that work for breastfeeding), a couple nice tops for when I do interviews/media events and a whole lot of stuff I bought umm… 4 years ago when we lived in London.  Or cheap stuff I binge bought on the internet.

At this point my husband would say boo-hoo… you still have a ton of clothes Michelle.


But the fact of the matter is that it’s all fairly old and used and uninspiring.  But it will have to do.  I’m certainly not going to buy a bunch of stuff when I’m still not in my regular size and frankly I don’t really have the funds for it.  This is where accessories come in.


In order to really give me some variety with my clothes I’m going to have to turn to accessorizing the best I can.  This means mixing it up with scarves, necklaces, etc.  In the past I’ve always tended to go on the delicate side but these days I’m feeling a bit more chunky (physically & mentally!)


I discovered Jenny Bird jewelry while I was gazing wistfully at the beautiful clothes and jewelry on offer at the gorgeous local Westmount store JoshuaDAVID.  The heft and chunk of the jewelry took me out of my usual comfort zone but I loved the rebellious feel to it all.

Jenny Bird is a local Canadian gal out of Toronto.  She also has a gorgeous instagram feed including a crazy photo of her before and after giving birth to her little bean…. let’s just say I think she put more into her pregnancy fitness program than I did.

Here are a few more of my faves:

Sunray Cuff_03

Harrow Necklace Gold_02 JBJ515 JBJ522_BLK JBJ601_BLK (1) JBJ911_GEPO

ps The bracelets actually fit small wrists!!!

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