Apple Picking and Apple Recipes!


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We went apple picking again this year and it was a PERFECT day – Montrealers – you know what I am talking about.  Sunny, but not too hot, a nice breeze and a blue sky.

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Bastien’s method of picking last year was eat a bite, drop the apple so I was pleasantly surprised this year when he picked the apples and dropped them in the bag.

Of course, this means we now have a TON of apples but a quick search on this blog and the internet and I had a bunch of faves I knew I could whip up.

Here’s what I am planning to do with all our apples!

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For breakfast this morning we are going to have our usual Sunday morning pancakes but I’m going to throw in some of these Sauteed Maple Syrup Apples from Martha Stewart.

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And then I’m going to make a classic (and easy) apple crumble from BBC Good Food.  I chose this recipe because everything is measured by weight which I find easier.

While I am cutting apples I may cut apples for this apple muffin recipe and make it tomorrow:

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It’s pretty easy although with the week I have coming up I am not exxxxactly sure when I will get around to making them.

Other ideas:

Easy Apple Loaf Cake with a Twist

Danish Apple Cake 

Easiest Slow Cooker Apple Butter


Do you guys have any recommendations?!

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