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Have you noticed a subtle change on this blog?  I changed the description from ‘Life & Food in Montreal’ to ‘Food, Fashion & Motherhood in Montreal’.  I’ve toyed with the idea for a while now about broadening the scope of this blog.  I feel I am so much more than just food (although that is where the focus will remain) and want to talk about my other interests like fashion, decor, beauty, and fun stuff for kiddos.

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First up is fashion.  I was sort of fashionable for a while (pre-child) and then really not fashionable at all (when Bastien was a newborn) and then sort of fashionable (as he grew older).  Now, I want to up my game but with a limited budget, I want to work with what I have.  And I have to be realistic about my requirements.


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I’ve started doing street style for Urban Expressions, and have been carefully checking out what people have been wearing all over Montreal.  It didn’t take me long to realize that you can have some fabulous clothes on, but what really makes an outfit is the accessories.  This is good news for me.  As a mom who is changing diapers, feeding a toddler, and often crawling around on the floor on all fours, silk dresses and ‘dry clean only’ just isn’t practical.



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I think one of the easiest ways to really ramp up a look from blah to wow is with a statement necklace.  Everyone has t-shirts in their closet.  Just throw on a statement necklace over top, and suddenly you’ve got a whole new look.


J Crew

Butterfly Statement Necklace - Multi color

Banana Republic

Nordstrom Statement Necklace


J crew


J. Crew

Most stores have a statement necklaces these days.  I was lucky enough to have my parents buy me the pink one just above from J. Crew for my birthday.  Thanks Mom & Dad!

Michelle Little

Do you have a favourite statement necklace or easy way to ramp up your look?

What do you think about adding fashion to this blog?

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    • Shawna
    • July 31, 2013

    Great addition to the blog!! As a newish mom, I could use a pointer or two.

    • Michelle
    • July 31, 2013

    Oh Shawna – I don’t think you need any style pointers from me, but thanks!

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