Happy New Year!

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I know it’s only September but even though my kids aren’t in school yet the shift from summer to fall still feels like a new year to me and a fresh start.  I had a great summer but my recent life has pretty much consisted of time spent with the kids and walking around in a lead suit from sleep deprivation.  All understandable during the first year with a baby.

Now that my son is sleeping through the night, hopefully I’ll start to catch up on the sleep deprivation and not have to stick a gallon of concealer under my eyes to hide the black circles.  I still don’t know what I’m going to do so in the meantime Alex is home with me full time while I try and figure out the next stage of my life.

Here is a random list of some things I want to do and don’t want to do for the foreseeable future:

To Do:

  • eat out, in a restaurant, without toddler or baby throwing food around (yesssss)
  • entertain at our house more often (we owe a lot of lovely meals)
  • decorate the house but only with stuff I love (hard…  but I have a project in mind!)
  • explore Montreal beyond my neighbourhood (Mile End has probably started getting skyscrapers since I was there last)
  • be more spontaneous (deciding last minute to go to the park does not count)
  • Get fitted for a bra once breastfeeding has stopped (I am actually dreading this…)
  • Decide what activities to enrol my 3 year old in (so hard!  so many options! so difficult to not overbook!  he’s only 3!)

To Not Do:

  • Waste random time on the internet (does the time I am writing this count?)
  • Wear the same thing 5 days in a row (I’m looking at you denim skirt)
    • Cindy
    • September 3, 2015

    Love the new layout of your website!

      • Michelle
      • September 3, 2015

      Thanks!!!! I really appreciate the feedback!!

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