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It’s finally summer and these are some of the things I’m crushing on right now.

I’m a huge fan of June Swimwear and I pretty much exclusively wear her tops now.  They fit well, and stay in place.  Important when you’re running after toddlers and they are pulling at your top.  I love the idea of her non-adjustable bikini tops like this number which I ordered and fingers crossed it fits.  Perfect for when you want to hang out at the pool, grab some ice cream or just relax and don’t want a bunch of cords in the way.  Plus – that colour!  UPDATE: I’ve received this swimsuit and adore it.  It does flatten you out, but it’s super comfortable to wear all day (no knots in the back) and I love the shape and colour.  It’s a definite winner for me!


Ca Lem is open (finally!) and I’m so into their latest melon swirl.  It’s one of the things about summer I look forward to all year long.  My husband swears by the taro flavour, and the kids love nutella.

I went through my son’s closet to clear out all the clothes that were too small for him and there were a few pairs of jeans sitting there that I realized he never really wore.  They just never fit him right and I was pretty bummed out to see money down the drain.  I decided that instead of buying a few pairs that he would never wear, I’d buy one really well made pair that would fit him nicely and chose these jeans from Beau Hudson in local shop Little Minimalist.  You can just see them in the picture above of him eating ice cream, and they are pretty darn rad.

I never got maternity photos.  I have to admit that everything I saw 6 years ago seemed really cheesy, and I didn’t know where to go.  Plus, the thought of doing them made me cringe.  Now, I really am quite sad I never got them done and realize they can be absolutely stunning when done right.  That’s why I decided to offer simple in-studio maternity sessions at a reasonable rate so that others can capture that special moment.  Yes, it’s a bit of a plug for my services but I do truly believe that capturing those fleeting moments is so important.  See Betsy’s beautiful session here.  She chose to go with a more undressed session, but I respect whatever you want to do.

Crushing on this Fjallraven tote pack that turns into a backpack.  Perfect for travel, the park, etc.  A million colours, but this one is one of my faves.




Is this the song of the summer?  So catchy!

And I’d like to just add, I’m totally down with the minimalism thing.  I truly try to love every single thing I have in my closet and purchase very carefully. But there is something about buying a couple new pieces here and there that just makes me feel a little more put together, a little more inspired in the morning and gives me just that little zing in my step.

What are you into these days!?  I’d LOVE to hear!

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