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I’m pretty much a sucker for beautiful packaging, so when I discovered ELUCX 100% natural skincare I was in love.

Miracle_Balm_picture_1024x1024Started by mom Duyen Nguyen after looking for something a little less chemical to treat her baby’s eczema, this Montreal based line is full of essential oils and therapeutic ingredients.  Another bonus?  There are no fillers or synthetic fragrances.



I fell in love with the idea of the belly balm, and the new mom gift set which includes baby massage oil, baby bum butter and unscented lip balm (I don’t know about you but when breastfeeding my lips turned to sandpaper and I was a balm addict).



There’s even a men’s skincare line which includes Beard Serum, which would probably come in handy for all those hipsters out there (and our friend Max.)

slideshow_5As you guys know, I am always so interested in women who decide to venture out on their own and especially those who do it with children in tow.  As such, I had to as Duyen a few questions!

What was it like starting a new business as a new mom?
Duyen: It is absolutely crazy but it is the best thing I have done! I have a very successful corporate career, however, I have always feel that I need to push my limit and pursue my dream to become an entrepreneur.
Any advice for other new moms thinking about starting their own business?
Duyen: These are the questions I asked myself before I started my business:
1. What you absolutely love the most..something that you know you don’t mind spending a great deal of your time? fashion, baking, ….
2. Find a need to fulfill
3. What are your best skills: ask for help or hire if you can afford the areas that you know somebody else can do a better job than you.
4. Mix all that together
5. Be courageous and run with your idea!
6. and last..PERSEVERANCE! Rome doesn’t get built in one day.
7. Make sure to fulfill your family needs first. Therefore, it is crucial to balance the time you spend developing your business and make time for your family.
Thanks so much to Duyen for answering my questions!
Check them out online:

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