Hong Kong is Insane

November 28, 2013 , In: Design , With: 2 Comments

a39These photos by photographer Michael Wolf of the density in Hong Kong are insane.  I can’t stop looking at them and thinking about them.  What a contrast from growing up in the prairies!

a32a36a43I’ve lived in some fairly big cities, but even Bangkok was nothing like this.  I have to say that instead of turning me off visiting, it makes me want to see the spectacle even more.

a57a122I wonder about the inhabitants.  Is it just a mass of people, or are there communities within?

Have you ever been to Hong Kong?  Is it as insane as I think it is?


    • janice
    • February 8, 2014

    great blog!
    my family is from HK and just to clear up any confusion, not all of HK looks like this. my relatives live in apartment complexes that are much more spaced out, as do my friends. typically, such dense buildings are for the less wealthy, and no there are not smaller communities within. nor is it a big mass of people. all the windows in the photos are windows to small apartments. each family has their own apartment just like anywhere else.
    you should definitely visit HK. it’s a very international city!

      • Michelle
      • February 8, 2014

      I’d love to visit Hong Kong! And I think these buildings are beautiful in their own way.

      I think you misread my last sentence: “Is it just a mass of people, or are there communities within?” I meant, do you think that people are friendly with their neighbours, and there is a sense of community within these buildings or like as in some North American apartment buildings people just come and go and barely know the name of the people they live next to. I didn’t mean to imply that it was just a big mass of people!

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