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At the request of my supportive friends, I have decided to start talking about restaurants again.  I say talking, because I’ve decided to not review restaurants anymore but simply introduce readers to those restaurants I like and would recommend.  The reviews will be casual, brief, and hopefully introduce you guys to some new restaurants!












177 Bernard Ouest,
Montreal, QC H2T 2K4


Omma is a super cute Korean restaurant located in trendy Mile End.  My friends and I were lucky enough to be able to sit outside on the lovely terrace on a mild summer’s evening.  It must be noted that the terrace is on a deck and fenced in, so you are not simply sitting on the sidewalk like so many other terraces in this city which is really nice.

The food was great.  To start, we split the chicken wings (Dak Malge Tigim) which were a little spicy, a little crunchy and had a great taste.  My friends and I ordered three different dishes, and everyone was super happy with their choices.  Quite a few of us went with the Bibimbap (tofu, chicken or beef) which is a classic Korean dish.  Bibimbap is a mix of rice, vegetables and meat served inside a heated bowl with a raw egg cracked on top.  The idea is to mix in the raw egg, and the heated bowl will cook it.  At the same time, the bowl cooks the rice to create a sort of lovely crunchy rice crust.  Korean chilli paste is served on the side to be mixed in so you can decide your heat.  I have to say though, that after dumping all the paste in my bowl, I still didn’t find it overly hot.  Other successful dishes included the Saewoo Kyojachae which is a grilled shrimp dish with mustard, and Sam Dak Bulgogi which is barbecued chicken.  This came with lettuce and kim chi to make little chicken wraps.

The only surprising point were that the side dishes that are usually present at Korean restaurants were not offered.  When I asked the server about this you could tell it was a bit of a sore point, as she spent ample time explaining why they weren’t present.  Basically, she said the chef did not have the time to make them as everything was really made by scratch.  It seemed a bit of a weird answer, as I am sure other Korean restaurants make their food from scratch and have time, but it didn’t really bother me.  I was more than satisfied with what I was already presented with.

I would definitely go back, especially to sit on that terrace.  Great food and great friends, what could be better?

Decor: The outside terrace was lovely.  From what I saw of the inside it seemed pretty basic but cute.
Service: Prompt and efficient.  Think hipster Mile End waiters.
Price: Fine.  The Bibimbap was $15, and the chicken wings were $9 for 6.  I didn’t really check the wine list, but the bottle we got was $33.
Food: Korean food is great and I encourage you to try it.  This is a nice restaurant to give it a go!
Good For: Friends on a casual night out.  There was even a baby there in a high seat and he seemed to be having a good time too!

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