Career Q&A: Iveth Morales of The Angry Weather

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I fell in love with the jewellery by The Angry Weather’s Iveth Morales long ago.  As I write this sentence, there is a set of her stacking rings on my finger and a pair of her cloud earrings on my ears.  There is really something that drew me into her aesthetic and kept me there.  Her Instagram feed is equally as mesmerizing and deservedly popular.

Iveth generously offered to answer my questions about herself, her jewellery line and work life balance.  And why she is so inspired by the weather!

Career Q&A: Iveth Morales of The Angry Weather |

Can you tell me a bit about yourself? 

I was born and raised in the south of Mexico and when I was in my late 20’s came to Canada when my then boyfriend was offered a job here and we didn’t want to be apart. Back in Mexico I was studying communications sciences but truly never worked in anything related until I had to be my own communications manager for my jewellery line!

I started making beaded jewellery around 12 years ago, maybe more, and it was a great hobby and source of extra income as my co-workers often bought my work. It wasn’t until I arrived in Montreal that I started taking metal smith classes and learned so much about metal construction. I fell in love with it and discovered this part of me that had so much to do with the new knowledge and tools I was given. The idea to create a brand and sell my work to the public came afterwards thanks to one of my best friends who encouraged me to do it with her advice and example. Thankfully things worked out really well!

Career Q&A: Iveth Morales of The Angry Weather |

Weather motifs abound in your work – from clouds to lightning bolts to stars and moons.  What is about the weather that inspires you?

I genuinely ask myself the same question all the time and in all honesty, it may be just that I’m one of those boring people who always remark on the weather! For one, I’m always doodling clouds, raindrops and houses so that’s something. Give me a piece of paper and the first thing I’ll draw will be that! And about my other collections, which are all about the sun, stars, planets and other universe related quirks, I just love space! I wouldn’t say I’m a space nerd or anything like that (although I own more universe-related books than normal and always keep up with exploration news!), I just feel mystified by it, just enchanted by it.

Career Q&A: Iveth Morales of The Angry Weather | Career Q&A: Iveth Morales of The Angry Weather |

You have a gorgeous Instagram feed (and over 59k followers). What do you think it is that is so attractive about your photography? 

Well, I’m the first person to be awestruck because people like my photos in the first place! So having said that I don’t really know what it is that they like, although I can guess it could be the same reason I like to take the photos: to find beauty in the everyday. I’m a collector of moments, I try to keep them alive through images (failing completely of course) and share them with people I think may enjoy them.

Where do you see The Angry Weather in the future?

In a little, lovely brick and mortar shop of my own. That’s my biggest dream right now, although I still need to accomplish a lot more to be able to get there.

Career Q&A: Iveth Morales of The Angry Weather |

I see that you have a daughter.  What is it like balancing life as both an entrepreneur and a mother?

Extremely hard but then again, this is the reality to all mothers out there. I think there are a lot of advantages to working form home like being able to set my own schedule. I’m always available if she needs to take a sick day and we can have little adventures everyday if we so want. On the downside, working hours are extended most days, having to take double shifts at night to do the work you left unfinished to take care of your family. I think I barely sleep now, and oh, I remember how much I loved to sleep! But I’m happy to have traded those sleeping hours to be able to be my daughter’s mom and work in what I love.

Career Q&A: Iveth Morales of The Angry Weather |

Do you have any tips for other mothers who are looking to launch a career either as a creative or as an entrepreneur?

Keep going! Surround yourself with like-minded people, join a community, take advice and learn, and don’t be discouraged from the hardships. It takes time and effort but you’ll get there if you put your mind to it. Give yourself time, don’t be hard on yourself, and enjoy the process because this is a journey. Respect yourself and the work of others, be kind, give back. And most importantly, being a mom is one of the most inspiring things there is. You’ll see how much the little ones become your motor and your inspiration in your creative work!

Thank-you so much Iveth for answering all my questions!  We love your work!

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