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Visitors to Montreal – Where to Eat!

Visitors to Montreal often want restaurant recommendations for breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner.   Realistically, most people stay Downtown or in Old Montreal and want to know where to eat in those areas.  This is a collection of personal recommendations, recommendations from friends and a little bit of research on the internet.  I’ll add on the Plateau as well, and places that are worth the trip but those will be at a later date.

To avoid disappointment it is always best practice to RESERVE your restaurant well in advance.  I never go out with friends without a reservation!

Please note that this is a work in progress and was last updated in 2011.
Old Montreal
Most stops Metro Square Victoria or Metro Place d’Armes
Le Cartet – 106, McGill Street, H2Y 2E5 514-871-8887 $$
From 7am – 11pm, Sat-Sun from 9am – 3:30pm
Menu offered in English and French, Great Atmosphere, Above Average Price but worth it for a treat.  I can’t recall children there.  I’d say there’s no room for a stroller as it’s pretty tight.  Also good for lunch
l’Arrivage – Pointe-à-Callière Museum – 350 Place Royale, H2Y 2C9 514-872-9128 (Weekend Brunch only from 11:30) $$
A fancy, refined brunch with great views.  I’ve never been, but it was recommended by a friend and I see it has great reviews.  Reservations are recommended.
Holder – 407 McGill Street, H2Y 2G3 514-849-0333 (Weekend Only from 10:00) $$
There is more space here than at Le Cartet so I’d recommend it for kids although it is still quite sophisticated.  A nice choice.  Great for lunch or dinner as well.
Le Gros Jambon – 286 Notre Dame West, Montreal, QC H2Y 2N7.  Open Monday – Friday from 7:30am – 3:30pm and Weekends for Brunch Only from 10:00am – 4:00pm.  A tiny new diner which finally provides another option for breakfast on a weekday in Old Montreal.
Olive & Gourmando  – 351, Rue Saint-Paul O, H2Y 2A7 514-350-1083 $
Tuesday – Saturday 8am – 6pm
Great lunch joint right on St. Paul.  Somewhat pricey but it’s worth it.  Usually there’s a line up.  I would not say it’s child friendly as it’s pretty crowded but you could take food to go, and just walk up to the waterfront if it’s a nice day.  Seeing the hours, I suppose you could also head there for breakfast.
Titanic – 445, rue St. Pierre, H2Y 2M8 514-849-0894 (Closed Weekends) $
Great lunch spot!  Walk down some stairs and join the crowd.  Not as chaotic as Olive & Gourmando as it’s a little out of the way and a bit more hidden but just as good.
Clafouti – 402 St. Jacques H2Y 1S1 514-849-6756 (Closed Weekends) $
Very simple, cheap take out food.  Probably some of the best salads and sandwiches in Montreal.
Cluny Artbar – 257 rue Prince, Montreal 514-866-1213 (Closed Weekends) $
A little out of the way, but definitely somewhere that feels local and is very cool.  On the western fringe of Old Montreal.  It’s been a while since I’ve been but I imagine it’s still pretty good.  Again, not dirt cheap but worth it. I think this is now closed!
Brit & Chips – 433 McGill St, H2Y 2H1 514-840-1001 $
Excellent fish & chips on McGill, a little west on McGill.
Soupesoup – 649 Wellington, H3C 1T2 514-759-1159 $
Mon – Fri 8 – 4, Saturday 11 – 4, Closed Sundays
A great little Montreal chain serving up, you guessed it – soup!  Located a little bit west of Old Montreal just on the other side of McGill.  Seeing the hours, you could probably head there for breakfast but I am not sure what they serve.
Aziatik – 626, rue Margueire-d’Youville, H3C 1W7 514-843-8388 $
A lovely choice for dinner or lunch with a good table d’hôte (set menu) and happy hour.
Muvbox Place du Génie, Old Port (Corner McGill and de la Commune) $
Open 7 days a week, weather permitting, 11:30 – 9:00 Summer Only
A nice little spot along the old port.  Not a restaurant but a food stand where you can get yummy treats to go.  Try their Lobster Roll!Sur Bleury – 1067, rue de bleury, angle de la gauchetière, H2Z 1N1 514-866-6161
A bit of a random area (near Chinatown) but a lovely little lunch spot for upscale sandwiches.
Barroco – 325 rue Saint-Paul West (corner St-Pierre), 514-544-5800 $$
I have not yet had the pleasure of eating here, but it’s gotten rave reviews and may be a good place to catch a drink, or as you might say in Montréal ‘prend un verre’ (sorry for my spelling!)
L’Appartement – 600 rue William (coin McGill), H3C 1N6 514-866-6606 $$
More of a bar atmosphere than a restaurant, this buzzy place is just on the western fringes of Old Montreal.  Another good option for a drink.  Remember, it’s ladies night on Wednesdays!
Da Emma – 777 Rue de la Commune Ouest, H3C 1Y5 514-392-1568 $$$
Offering up some of the best Italian food in Montreal, and located in an atmospheric spot just west of Old Montreal which used to be the basement of a women’s prison, you can’t go wrong.  Not an inexpensive choice, but a treat none the less.
Garde Manger 408, rue Saint-François-Xavier, H2Y 2S9 514-678-5044 $$$
I know there are many Chuck Hughes fans out there that will want to try this restaurant out.  First off, RESERVE!  It is a very teeny restaurant which is always jam packed.  Second, it is pretty well hidden.  There is no real sign (just a pink glowing thing if I recall) and it looks very inconspicuous.
L’Orignal – 479 Rue Saint Alexis, H2Y 2N7 514-303-0479 $$$
Described as Chalet Chic on their website, this is a fun trendy restaurant which means moose in French.  I ate there years ago so can’t really comment but their rating on Urbanspoon is excellent.
Holder – 407 McGill Street, H2Y 2G3 514-849-0333 $$
A larger restaurant than most mentioned in Old Montreal so far, this one is in a more modern location on McGill street.  There is also a bar at the back, but I wouldn’t really choose this place as a bar to go out to at night.
Restaurant Graziella – 116 McGill Street, H2Y 2E5, 514-876-0116 $$$
My husband describes this as his favourite restaurant in the world!  Serving up honest Italian food, this is located in a modern location McGill Street.
Toqué – 900 Place Jean Paul Riopelle, H2Y 3X7 514-499-2084 $$$$
Often described as the best restaurant in Montréal, it also comes with a price tag.  I have personally never been but it consistently receives top reviews.  If you want to try it, but don’t want to spend the money try their more affordable table d’hôte for lunch.  Located in a modern glass fronted building on Square Victoria.
Le Bremner – 361 St. Paul East, H2Y 1H2, 514-544-0446 $$$
Now I see why I get so many hits on my review – there is no website!  But please read my review here.  Another Chuck Hughes restaurant in Montréal which I described as a seafood restaurant but I would not say that is strictly true as there are a lot of meat alternatives.  I was lucky enough to go while it was still quiet, and I had an excellent time.  Again, in true Chuck Hughes style it is very small (reserve, reserve, reserve!) and there is no sign at all!  There is a nice terrace in the back if the weather suits.
Club Chasse et Pêche – 423 Rue Saint-Claude, H2Y 3B6 514-861-1112 $$$
Another restaurant without a sign (but a very cool symbol to let people know they are there) this is consistently rated amongst the best in Montréal.

Most stops Metro McGill or Peel

Maison Boulud – 1288 Sherbrooke West (corner Mountain) 514-842-4224 $$ This gorgeous restaurant is located in the Ritz Carlton and comes to us from the celebrated chef Daniel Boulud. $$$

Le Pois Penché – 1230, boul de Maisonneuve O, H3G 1M2 514-667-5050 (Brunch Weekends Only) $$
Open from 10:00
A bit of a fancier choice, but nice and right downtown.  A good choice for lunch or dinner as well.

Ben & Florentine – 1215 Mansfield, H3B 4G8, 514-395-0222 (Mansfield & Cathcart) $ – A new breakfast chain in Montreal competing with the likes of Chez Cora.  Should offer the standard breakfast fare and is a welcome affordable addition to downtown.

Birks Café – 1240, Square Phillips H3B 3H4 514-397-2468 $$$
Saturday & Sunday 12pm – 2pm
Well, it’s Birks, one of Montréals fanciest shops, so I’d expect they’d have the brunch to match!  Good for a treat.

Le Montrealais – 900 Rene-Levesque, H3B 4A5 514-861-3511 $$
Mon – Friday from 6:30am – 11pm, Saturday 7 – 11, Sunday breakfast 7am – 10:30am and Brunch 11:30 – 3:00
This is where business breakfasts are usually held in Montreal so expect a lot of suits.  However, as it’s connected to the Queen Elizabeth Hotel there are a fair amount of tourists too.

Chez Nick – 1377 avenue Greene, H3Z 2A5 514-935-0946 $
Open from 7am or 8am on Sundays
Located a bit west of downtown on the lovely Greene Avenue in Westmount.  This place has been around since 1920!

Casse Croute du Coin – 1455, rue Lambert-Closse H3H 1Z5 514-933-9274 (24 hours) $
A greasy spoon!  This one has been going since the 1950’s!  Don’t expect anything fancy, but apparently they have an amazing grilled cheese sandwich.  A bit west of downtown in Westmount.

Quoi De N’Oeuf – 2745, rue Notre Dame Ouest 514-931-1598 $
Open from 7am except Sundays from 8am
Located out in the Atwater area, which is a nice area west of downtown.  This is very close to the Lionel-Groulx Metro.


Dominion Square Taverne – 1243 Metcalfe, H3B 2V5 514-564-5056 $$
Great lunch menu.  I’ve never been for dinner, but imagine it would be nice as well.

Phillips Lounge – 1184, place Philips, H3B 3C8 514-871-1184 (just south of Philips Square) $$
A more upscale place to have a sandwich which is still quite affordable.

Burger Bar Montreal – 1465 Crescent – 514-903-5575 $
Crescent is known as being touristy and filled with average eateries, but this place has been getting amazing reviews.

Café Vasco de Gama 1472 Peel Street, H3A 1S8 514-286-2688 (Peel & Maisonneuve) $
A small little café with sandwiches and salads.

Kazu – 1862 Sainte-Catherine, 514-937-2333 (Note: Closed July 4th – 19th, 2011) $
Located in the Concordia University Area
This is the latest restaurant that everyone is talking about.  A Japanese Izakaya style restaurant with excellent prices.  A bit of a hole in the wall, but good service, great food and friendly staff.  Apparently there is always a line up, but I’ve gone twice on a Sunday and always walked straight in.



Restaurant Santa Lucia – 1264 Stanley, H3B 2S7 514-393-8623 (Stanley & Maisonneuve) $
Cheap Italian!  Great wood burning pizzas.

Queue de Cheval – 1221 Boul. Rene Levesque, H3G 1T1 514-39-0090 (Rene Levesque & Drummond $$$$
Very pricey but perhaps the place to go if you are looking for an upscale dinner before heading over to the Bell Centre which is across the street.

Maison Boulud – 1288 Sherbrooke West (corner Mountain) 514-842-4224 $$ This gorgeous restaurant is located in the Ritz Carlton and comes to us from the celebrated chef Daniel Boulud. $$$


Quartier des Spectacles
Most stops Metro Station Place des Arts or Metro St-Laurent


Café du Nouveau Monde – 84 Sainte-Catherine Ouest, H2X 1Z6 514-866-8669 $$
Monday 11h30 – 20h, Tues – Fri 11h30 – midnight, Sunday 17h – midnight
Located in the Theâtre du Nouveau Monde.

Brasseri t! – 1425 Jeanne-Mance, H2X 2J4 514-282-0808 $$
Open Daily from 11:30
The sister restaurant to the high end Toqué.  A good range of prices and choice.

F Bar – 1485, rue Jeanne-Mance, H2X 2J4 $$
Open for lunch Mon – Friday, Open in the evenings Mon – Sunday
Sister bar to Ferreira Café, a chic and pricey restaurant located downtown.  This is still on the more expensive side but you should expect some very high quality Portuguese food.

Bouillon Bilk – 1595 Boul St-Laurent, Montreal QC H2X 2S9
Open Monday to Friday 11:30 – 3:00, Open Monday to Saturday 17h30 – 23h

Top Montreal Eating Experiences
Most of the fantastic restaurants are in fact not located downtown, although that does not mean you will have to travel far to find them.  The Plateau is a few metro stops or a short cab ride away, as is the Atwater area where Joe Beef is found.  Many are also found in Old Montreal.



This listing is for the generally recommended top Montreal dining experiences.  I know I mention it in almost every post but RESERVE – I recommend at least a week in advance and if you are coming in for a special trip and have a restaurant you really want to try don’t be shy to reserve 2 weeks or more in advance.

Garde Manger 408, rue Saint-François-Xavier, H2Y 2S9 514-678-5044 $$$ (Old Montreal)
I know there are many Chuck Hughes fans out there that will want to try this restaurant out.  First off, RESERVE!  It is a very teeny restaurant which is always jam packed.  Second, it is pretty well hidden.  There is no real sign (just a pink glowing thing if I recall) and it looks very inconspicuous.

Au Pied du Cochon – 536 Duluth Est, Montréal, QC H2L 1A9 514-281-1114 $$$ (Plateau)
The now famous restaurant which built it’s name on extreme portions and massive use of foie gras.  The portions and food are not for the faint of heart, and if you go make sure you are HUNGRY!
Reserve, reserve, reserve!  And if you reserve unfortunately you can still expect to wait.

Joe Beef – 2491 Notre Dame West, Montreal, QC H3J 1N6 514-935-6504 $$$ (Little Burgundy)
A focus on meat, and large portions are the name of the game here.  I was here years ago, and it is a pretty tight space if I recall.  They had to pull out the table so I could get seated on as there is not enough room to squeeze in between the tables.  They have an amazing terrace out back, so if you can I recommend you go in the summer and try and book the terrace.  Some of you out of towners might be wondering where Little Burgundy is, but it’s not too far from downtown at all either by cab or metro.

Le Club Chasse et Pêche – 423 Rue Saint-Claude, Montreal, QC H2Y 3B6 514-861-1112 $$$ (Old Montreal)
Another restaurant without a sign (but a very cool symbol to let people know they are there) this is consistently rated amongst the best in Montréal.

Schwartz’s – Montreal Hebrew Delicatessen – 3895 Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W 1L2 $ (Plateau)
This is one of the places where you can get your smoked meat in Montreal, and is pretty famous.

Fairmount Bagel – 74 Fairmount Ouest, H2T 2M1 514-272-0667 $ (Mile End)
One of the two original places selling the Montreal style bagel.  See below for the other.  There has always been debates about which is better but I’ll leave it up to you to decide!

St-Viateur Bagel – 263 Saint-Viateur Ouest,  H2V 1Y1 514-276-8044 $ (Mile End)
The other Montreal bagel place!

L’Express – 3927, rue Saint-Denis, Montreal QC H2W 2M4 514-845-5333 $$$ (Plateau) A classic French bistro which has been ever popular.  Open very late!  See an excellent review here

Toqué – 900, Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, Montreal, QC H2Z 2B2 (Old Montreal) $$$$  514-499-2084 Long considering the top restaurant in Montreal, this place does not come for free (I’ve never even eaten there!)

La Chronique  – 99 Avenue Laurier West, (Corner St-Urbain) 514-271-3095 $$$$ French  Excellent French Market Cuisine.  Read a rave review from our local Fine Dining Critic in the local English Language news here

Maison Boulud – 1288 Sherbrooke West (corner Mountain) 514-842-4224 $$ This gorgeous restaurant is located in the Ritz Carlton and comes to us from the celebrated chef Daniel Boulud.


La Paryse – 302 Rue Ontario Est, Montreal, QC H2X 1H6 (Lower Plateau) 514-842-2040 $

La Banquise – 994 Rachel Est, Montreal, QC H2J 2J3 (Plateau) 514-525-2415 $

Patati Patata – 417 Saint-Laurent (Corner Rachel) 514-844-0216 $

Ma-am-m Bolduc – 4351 – 4355 de Lorimier (corner Marie-Anne) Montreal, H2H 2B3 514-527-3884 $

Montreal Food Talk:
5 à 7 – This is literally means 5 to 7, and is the general term for after work drinks even if they don’t end at 7:00!

Table d’hôte – A very common on Montréal menus, this is literally a set menu.  Usually for a price you get a starter and a main.  A desert may or may not be included.

BYOW – Bring Your Own Wine places are very common in Montreal, and most do not charge corkage. Most are found in the Plateau area of Montreal, and the street Duluth is full of them.  Pick up your wine at an SAQ, the government run liquor stores.  You can also get wine in a corner store (depanneur), but it is usually of a lower quality.

Depanneur (or just ‘dep’) – A corner store

Poutine – You’ll hear a lot about this in Montreal.  Normally eaten late at night after a good evening out. French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy.


Must try food experiences:

These are considered local or special to Montreal:

Smoked Meat Sandwich


Other Resources:
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