Accepting Our (My) Insecurities

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I have insecurities.  Many are mental (is my life going where I want it to?) but many are physical.  I think everyone has these.  Even people we look up to, or think are just perfect, have these.

But sometimes I feel like everyone else out there has it all going on, and I’m just left behind in my little corner wondering about my little world.

I tend to get on with things 99% of the time, but one major insecurity I’ve always had has been… my sight.  Specifically, my glasses.

Friends, there are two reason there is nary a photo of me here, or in existence, of me in my glasses.

1. My vision is so bad that when I wear my glasses in photos, they distort my face.  How bad is my vision?  -10.5.  If you don’t know how bad that is, you’ve probably never met anyone with that poor of a prescription.  I think I’ve met one person – my entire life.

2. I am TOTALLY self conscious.  I feel like everyone is just staring at how distorted my face looks through my lenses.  The sides are not so thick, as I choose thick frames and lenses can be quite compressed these days – thank goodness.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 9.15.54 AMMost of my life, I don’t think people even knew I wore glasses as I started wearing contacts when I was 12.  I was a big water skier, and my mom was always scared I was going to hit the dock.  ha!

But then… I was diagnosed with an eye condition where during flare times (which occur roughly every other year) I have to put steroid drops in my eyes.  This means, no contacts… for months and months.  I may feel self conscious about my glasses, but I’d rather keep my eyesight and listen to my opthamologists.

So, I wear my glasses.  I always cringe when I see someone I know.  I secretly want to shrink in the corner.  I want to say – I’m forced to wear these!  It’s not my choice!  I’m really cooler than these thick lenses!  Blame decades of popular culture and the nerd with the thick glasses.

It’s gotten better.  I don’t feel SO self conscious but I really really don’t think I’ll ever get over it.  I’ll always feel better with contacts.  I’ll never feel 100% confident.  It sucks, but it is what it is.

Do you have any insecurities you don’t think you’ll ever get over?  Or am I alone?!  I’d love to hear.

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    I think you look fabulous with & without your glasses! Of course I have insecurities, probably too many to name but Ill tell you what…they get fewer and fewer as I get older and older (ahem…wiser?).

      • Michelle
      • June 18, 2015

      Thanks Amanda – that’s very sweet. I think everyone has insecurities – even people we think have it all. I agree though, as I get older I am definitely more confident. At least we get that for getting older!

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