Corner Store Flower Tutorial Part 2

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Flowers 4 Ways 2

In yesterday’s post on arranging flowers, I explained how I convinced my friend Shawna who was 40 weeks pregnant, to come over and show me how to arrange corner store flowers.

Yesterday’s post went through picking the right flowers, selecting the right vessel for the look, and building a cute side table arrangement and a gorgeous focal centrepiece.

Today we are going to look at making a mini-bouquet to give and a rustic BBQ centrepiece.

Arrangement #3

To-go arrangement 2

For the mini bouquet to give Shawna suggest just using the same concept as yesterday’s centrepiece flowers.


  • Start with a focal flower
  • Build around the focal flower adding flowers at a 45 degree angle and turning after each flower is added so that it’s as balanced as possible
  • Take off as many leaves as you want
  • Trim the stems off at the end  after the arrangement is complete

To-Go Arrangment

Shawna ended her arrangement by wrapping it in twine which she purchased at the dollar store.

Arrangement #4 – Rustic Arrangement

Rustic Arrangement 1

Shawna used the rest of the flowers for this rustic arrangement.  As it’s rustic, the arrangement is more forgiving so if you don’t have the right numbers of flowers left it’s less important.  As well, if you don’t have a lot of flowers left, the arrangement can be thin and still look nice.  She used mason jars wrapped in twine which is both cheap and cheerful

  1. Start by adding rocks to the bottom of your mason jars.  They have a wide lid, so you need some way to anchor the flowers in place.  She got her rocks at Ikea.
  2. Stand the flowers up in the rocks so the arrangement looks fuller.
  3. Try to balance the arrangement by spreading the flowers out.
  4. As it’s rustic, it’s not so important to worry about odd numbers.

4 Ways with Flowers 1

And that’s it!  I can’t wait to start arranging my own flowers and trying out the different techniques that she showed me.  The flowers are stunning and brighten up the room beautifully.

Thank you Shawna and a big congratulations to you and your family!  (She ended up giving birth 48 hours after doing these arrangements!)

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