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With the nice weather, I took the chance for a long overdue walk on Notre-Dame in St-Henri to see what exciting new restaurants and shops had popped up.  I wasn’t disappointed and came away with a long list of places to try.

Trente Sept Trente Quatre in St-Henri

First up, and I can’t believe I didn’t visit sooner, is this gem of a shop.

It’s called Trente Sept Trente Quatre (see above) and it encompasses three business – duck from Canard du Lac Brome, take away food from next door neighbour Henri St-Henri and sausage, etc. from Ils en Fument du Bon.

This shop carries all sorts of stuff (see the duck selection below – LOOK AT ALL THAT DUCK!)….

Trente Sept Trente Quatre in St-Henri

Trente Sept Trente Quatre in St-Henri

And takeaway food ( for example, and mind the poor translation, Veal Tajine au confit lemon, roasted squash and vegetables; Basque Chicken; Paté chinois au boeuf) which comes from the restaurant next door Henri St-Henri. I was looking for some great easy meals for the family, but I found that the tastes are geared a bit more towards adults than kids (no surprise there really.)  I did try the Chorizo Mac ‘n Cheese which was excellent.  They did NOT skimp on the cheese.

But what strikes you first about this place is the SAUSAGE.

Trente Sept Trente Quatre in St-Henri

Trente Sept Trente Quatre in St-Henri

That just never ends…

Trente Sept Trente Quatre in St-HenriTrente Sept Trente Quatre in St-Henri

This is crazy, clever and high-quality sausage from master sausage makers Ils en Fument du Bon.

Type of sausage when I was there included:

-Bacon and Cheese Curd

-Gin and Parsnip

-Tequila and Lime

-Truffle and Foie Gras

-Leek and Grueyere

-Sake and Ginger

-Smoked Meat

-Kraft Dinner (yes – I confirmed it is actual Kraft Dinner it’s stuffed with)

-Paté Chinois (I could see the corn)



-Blue Cheese, Figs and Port

-Sugar Shack

They also have cretons and rillette for all you grosy josies who like that stuff.

PEOPLE – THIS is where you get your sausage.

If you look up Ils en Fument du Bon you’ll find all sorts of references to the owner and he seems to be QUITE the character.  Félipé calls himself the Sausage Pimp and even has a show on Zeste TV.  Unfortunately, it’s mostly all in French but it’s worth trying to understand.  This is one of my fave posts… There’s also this post here which just makes me love this guy even more.

I got the Sugar Shack sausages (y’all know my husband has a sweet tooth) and the cheese curds & bacon sausages.  I thought the Sugar Shack would only have maple syrup but oh no… it also had oreilles de crises and feve au lards..!

They were great and the pork was much nicer than what you usually get.  It stood on it’s own and didn’t just taste like some sort of mush with filler.  Yay for St-Henri getting all these great new places!

ps I know there are a lot of non-French speakers who read my blog, so just to let you in, ils en fument du bon roughly means ‘he smokes the good stuff’, wink wink, nudge nudge.

Stroller Friendly: To get into the shop there is 1-2 small stairs.  Totally doable.  Go.

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    The Hen is blowing up! Looks awesome. We had lac brome duck on Sunday!

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    UUUUmmmmmm YUM! Next time you are in the area come by the luvmother studio!!!!

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    Wonderful post! We have had some great weather here in Montreal the last couple of days and I too have been enjoying a few nice long walks. You have a great blog, thank you so much for sharing.

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