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smells-like-canada-banner3I love creative people who put their quirkiness straight into their products and websites.  Smells Like Canada struck me right away with all their witty lines like ‘Canada Smells Damn Good’ and the fact that the cool gal behind the brand only puts in quality ingredients that ‘are worthy of smelling like Canada..’

IMG_3591-8e5d2c9f70670ecdf8bce1cea31e4270-214x240-100-cropI was so intrigued that I just had to ask founder Natalie Gluic a few questions… mostly because I couldn’t wait to see what she wrote back!

Why does Canada smell so amazing?
Natalie: There are a LOT of reasons why Canada smells damn good.  We are blessed with a truly diverse landscape: crisp air in the Rockies; sweet, mellow fields of wheat in the prairies; sugary sweetness of maple syrup… I mean, it’s like a veritable smorgasbord of delicious scents! 


What inspired you to start making these scents?
Natalie: Personally, scent connects with memory more than any other of the senses. When I smell onions sauteing in a pan, it reminds me of being young when my mom made pasta; when I smell olives, it reminds me of travelling to Europe when I was 12.  I wanted to create something that gave Canadians that same unique connection to their home.  Each part of Canada has a personality all its own, and hopefully the smell of a slowly burning candle can generate some of the emotion that comes with being in that special place.

IMG_3620-ff7168b9e033a3e2179e53d245221739-214x240-100-crop IMG_3638-469ec97ab0bb5ce9d61ec42af4759953-214x240-100-cropWhat smells are up next?

Natalie: SO. MANY.  It’s actually overwhelming how many ideas I have and how many suggestions I’ve received for this!  I’ve just launched Muskoka Campfire, a warm fiery spicy scent, as well as Up North S’mores, which smells like marshmallows toasting on a fire – a suggestion from Crywolf, one of the adorable stores that sells my product on Ossington in Toronto.  Scents connected to the salty air of St. John’s or the fresh spring blooms on Vancouver Island are in the works, and for summer I’m working on a collaboration scent with North Standard Trading Post in Parkdale, Toronto.  The possibilities are actually mind-boggling.


Isn’t she tooo adorable?  Thanks Natalie for answering my questions!

Check out her webpage here and her Etsy page here to find out just exactly what are the smells of Canada!  I’ve bought a few products already and can’t wait to get them in the mail!  And – she also has some pretty cool Canadian-centric artwork.

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