What I’ve Been Up to Lately Part 2

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Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.31.50 AMPics taken from @arose_pr’s instagram account – mine are just too dark (FYI Ashley from Rose PR was behind the event)

Continued from yesterday….

We scooted in a cab, missed the street, cruised by again and headed to L’Orignal for a look at their new menu from their new chef.  With an emphasis on local ingredients the menu was full of vegetables, and hearty flavours.  My fave was the corn soufflé (bottom right on the photo) and cabbage roll (it looks like a brain – middle bottom).  The new chef Omar Zabuair used products from Gaspor Porc, Societe L’Orignal, Terre des Bisons, Meadow Lake Farms, Sirop St. Leon and Lirode – all local suppliers and farms.

Unfortunately I was not feeling very well, and had to cut it short before I could taste the meat dish (above right) and dessert (above left).

Here are a few more great pictures of the food from the event (supplied to me by PR – my photos were crap).  I especially love the cozy atmosphere – it’s like a chalet in the city!

TableSetUp Souflee.CreamedCornChanterelles RicottaGnudi(The girl next to me licked the spinach butter from the above dish right off the plate!  yum!)

PorcCabbageRollsGaspor Pork Cabbage Rolls – a personal fave


Phew! What a night!

L’Orignal, 479 rue St-Alexis, 514-303-0479

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