Talking to my 2 Year Old

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Bastien and Peanut ButterBastien has issues with peanut butter…

Bastien has started to have quite the personality and I love trying to have conversations with him.  Sometimes he responds, sometimes he talks a bunch of nonsense and sometimes he just doesn’t say a thing.  But sometimes he just says the funniest things and I love being able to communicate with him more and more.  And OK, sometimes it’s not so funny like when he throws a fit… but it’s usually funny in hindsight right?


Upon entering the car: (looks at me and assertively says) “Mommy, TV, Bagel”  (I think bagels and TV are his favourite things in the world, so happy to be included in there)


Bastien while we are driving: “Mommy, wa wa (water)”

Me: “Bastien, we have no water, I’m sorry we have to wait until we are home.”

Bastien: “Mommy, apple juice!”

(Like if we didn’t have water we’d somehow have apple juice….!)


Bastien while we are driving to daycare (he says this nearly everyday): “Mama, no, no”

Me: “What is it Bastien”

Bastien: “There, there!! Go there!”

(The kid is frantically pointing at the entry to some deep dark scary looking underground parking… I have no idea why he’d ever want to go there…!)

Bastien Yo

Bastien when we finally let him go into the big pool (Westmount pool only allows kids in the big pool if they are potty trained, otherwise they have to stick to the wading pool): “Papa, big pool so good…”


Bastien while we are driving: “Mama look feu” (he says feu for BBQ)

Me: “Oh wow, good job Bastien it is a feu, what are they making?” (the BBQ is actually just sitting on someones balcony in the rain)

Bastien: “BBQ steak for Papa”

Me: “Wow, isn’t that nice of them – they don’t even know Papa!” (he always mentions BBQ steak and I have no idea why – we rarely BBQ or eat steak!)


He also likes to demand that I change the music in the car, or screams at the cars in front of us that are stopped to “Move car Move!”

As well, if he ever sees a jar of peanut butter he SCREAMS if we won’t let  him stick his full hand in and get a fistful – which we don’t allow so now we have to clandestinely make his toast.


Maybe as his mom I’m the only one laughing at these?

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