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28 Leadenhall Market,


Allthough Tortilla is an established chain, their recently opened Leadenhall branch has given me the opportunity to try it out for the first time.  Tortilla calls itself home of the best tacos and burritos in London – a big statement and one that I will test by trying out a few of the buritto joins around this part of town.

The first day the lineup crawling out of Tortilla proved to me that workers in the City wanted a change from their usual chicken salad sandwich.  Has it lived up to the hype though?  I ordered a large burrito with mexican (tomato) rice, black beans, shredded pork, medium salsa (salsa verde) and guacomole (no sour cream or cheese for me).  For me the pork was a massive disappointment.  It was slightly dry and had little taste.  It’s supposed to have a rich taste and I would expect a little bit of some sort of sauce.  As well, not enough of the salsa verde was provided allthough the guacomole was OK.  The entire effect was a bit of a dry bland buritto. The burrito itself was £5.95 (£4.95 for a medium) and 70p extra for the guacomole.  I wouldn’t really go back unless I was desperate for a change.  The only thing I can commend them on is that the meat is ethically raised which is something I always look out for.  

Decor: OK – you can see it’s a chain.  Of course Leadenhall Market itself is beautiful though.
Price: Not too bad, but not the cheapest burrito around.
Food: Dry and bland. Really not inspiring to go back.
Good For: I suppose if you really want a burrito but don’t want to walk to one of the other joints further north.

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