The Flying Burrito – Shoreditch/City of London

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The Flying Burrito
62 Middlesex Street
London E1 7EZ


I love the Flying Burrito.  It was the next stop on my burrito tour and it just kind of popped up on Middlesex Street (also now known as Ben Eine’s alphabet street).  It has been there for about 6 months by my recollection and is going strong considering the iffy location.  Stepping in, it has a decidedly independent feel.  Just the name and logo let you know that someone’s put their heart and soul into the place.  I checked out their website and they describe themselves as a ‘South African and Ukrainian take on a California interpretation of Mexican Food.’  Hmm…

The burrito was excellent.  They do the usual pork/beef/chicken and a veggie with chocolate that I haven’t yet tried.  I went for the usual pork, black beans, guac, no cheese and no sour cream.  Rice is only one variety (which is fine with me) and you can also have corn salsa and cactus if you choose.  I was given both a spicy salsa and a tomato pico de gallo.  I think the idea of both salsas is genius.  It means you can get a hit of spice if you want (and it was fairly spicy) but you can also have the freshness of the tomato.  You could taste the flavours and spices in the pork and the whole thing was creamy and lovely. 

I definitely recommend the Flying Burrito and I hope it continues to do well.  It’s a bit of a shambles during the busy lunch rush, but they manage to get everyone through quickly enough.  Plus, I like the fact that the staff actually had some personality and were not robotic slapping guac on your tortilla.  It feels like you could become friends and they would remember you which is nice.

Decor: Fun and independent cool

Price: They aren’t ripping you off.  The GBP 5.50 you spend will fill you up.
Food: Lovely and addictive
Good For: A quick lunch on your way back from Petticoat Lane Market, or a casual catch up with friends

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