Have a nice weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!

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Sorry I’ve been a bit of a delinquent this week, but sometimes I just got other stuff going on, y’know?

My parents were recently in town to visit and it was fun heading out to restaurants and exploring the city even though it was freezing outside.  Thank goodness it’s warmed up!

I’ll be doing the Save the Mother’s Mother’s Day Walk tomorrow so I’m hoping for glorious sunshine.  I’m just so happy I’m not still wearing rubber boots!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, mothers to be and everyone else out there.  It’s a freaking tough job, but worth every screaming/cuddling/frustrating/diaper changing minute.

ps I know this is sort of old news, but I hope that we can be the kind of parents who inspire the imaginations of our children like these parents who celebrate Dinovember by creating crazy situations with dinosaurs that their kids wake up to in the morning.  I heard an interview with the dad on CBC’s DNTO with Sook-Yin (remember her on Much Music!!) and he was just so positive and creative although I don’t think my husband would let me spray paint the walls….

pps Not to put too heavy of a cloud on this post, but these images by cuban artist Erik Ravelo showing children and the ways they have been oppressed by photographing them ‘crucified’ against their oppressor immediately made me cry.  It just reaffirmed my belief to continue to try to do the right thing with every dollar and decision I make.  The one of the surgeon and the little boy represents children used for their organs….  how utterly depressing and sad.  I can’t even imagine.  What a horrific world we live in to think this is the life some children live.

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