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So, today (which will be yesterday to you readers) I went downtown to do some shopping.  And it made me realize how isolated my life is, even though we literally live minutes from downtown.

I pretty much walk the same routes, see the same people and live my little life in a pretty small circumference.  Even if we head out of the area it’s always to the same places to visit family or friends.

Some people might say this is terribly boring and life is all about variety, etc.  I don’t know.  I think when raising kids it’s nice to see the same faces in the park, run into the same neighbours on the daycare walk, have a little corner of a big city that you really know.  I like that my kids recognize friends at the park and know the area well.

I like that so many of my services are from friends or neighbourhood stores.  It feels very supportive.

And when I want something different, I just need to hop on the bus and I’m downtown amongst the business people, students and tourists.  Or if Saturday morning’s outing to the park seems dull we can drive down to the science museum or a different splash pad.

But most of the day I’m OK with the status quo.

What about you?

Have a wonderful sunny weekend!

xx Michelle

Did you catch this newborn twin photo session or my daily life made beautiful on my photography blog?

Next ski holiday is at this chalet in Verbier (lol – yeah right)

Did you read this article on Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness or Friends: Pick 3?  Does it ring true for you?  Unfortunately, I’d say it does for me.  Work, sleep (otherwise I’m cranky) and family.  Fitness and friends are usually weaved into those three…

Have you ever eaten at Vij’s in Vancouver?  We ate at his café space and it was AMAZING.  I’d love to try this curry.


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