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My first taste of the new Hojiblanca olive oil from Olive & Olives reminded me of the first time I tried a great wine.  Do you remember when you were 16 and you drank Baby Duck wine (or do I recall a strawberry wine too)?  Then one day, you had some of the good stuff and realized how much you were missing out?  OK, I don’t think I was drinking Baby Duck for the taste, but you know what I am talking about…


I was recently sent a sample of the extra virgin olive oil N° 8 Hojiblanca which is the newest addition to Olive & Olives.  I was blown away.  The  oil smells like no olive oil I’ve tried, with a super fresh olive smell.  It was divine on some pasta salad I recently made, and would be great drizzled on pretty much anything.  This is definitely the good stuff, and it would be hard for me to go back to my regular olive oil.

Olive & Olives was founded by two women from Quebec, and in Montreal the stores are located at Jean-Talon Market, on Bernard in Outremont, in Laval and Saint-Lambert.  I can’t wait to check out their store and see what else I’ve been missing out on.  

N° 8 Hojiblanca retails for $18.95 for 500ml


I was sent a sample of the olive oil, but all opinions are my own.

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