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Hey guys,

It’s been a cold week, it’s been a warm week, it’s been an icy week and it’s been a melty week.  It’s been a week with minor facial wounds (but why so much blood!) and crappy nights.  It’s been a week with delayed flights.  But, it’s also been a week filled with amazing photography sessions, personal growth, connections and inspiration.

Always a little bit of both, isn’t it.

I am working hard behind the scenes on editing photos and am expecting to launch a website and Facebook page in the spring.  I know it seems like forever away, but if any of you would like to think about booking a spring session please get in touch.  I think it would be fun to do sessions that included both in-home storytelling (favourite toys, reading books, cuddles on the bed) and a walk to a favourite park or playing in the backyard.

And if you are thinking about doing a photography session, sign up to my newsletter.  Subscribers will receive special discounts.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

xx Michelle

Love this bonnet pattern

For my next home?! (lol)

new at Ikea…  (makes me want to get plants!)

Yes, more links from this  blog – I just am obsessed with it clearly

Want some personal growth?

obsessed with this photographer

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