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I’m not going to lie.  I totally forgot about this week’s weekend links post.

So the image is not the best, but it still makes me smile and this post might not be the best, but it’s the best I can do when I’m tired and it’s been a long day.

I’ve started writing two different ideas but I am too tired and don’t know if it makes any sense so I will just write what I am grateful for this week.

  1. Modern medicine.
  2. My fantastic baby sitters who take care of my kids when I’m not there and will go get my son when I’m stuck at home with a puking kid.
  3. Dads who are accountants.
  4. Moms who tell me that it’s all right.
  5. Women who support each other.
  6. Friends that I can complain to and understand.
  7. Oka cheese
  8. Coke & Joe Louis (no judging)
  9. Coffee from Melk (and scones from Melk)
  10. Stain remover & laundry machines
  11. Hot showers
  12. Husbands who walk your son to daycare when it’s too hard to push the two kids in the stroller and the stroller may or may not have toppled over with the two kids into a snowbank.
  13. People who believe in my photography
  14. People who read this blog
  15. Slippers

Thanks for reading guys and have a great weekend

xx Michelle

-Sometimes I just want to go nuts like this apartment

-Yes, seriously.  This is why it is now so tough to head outside.

-I want to try this brunch.

A craft my son would actually probably like.

This cake and this ice cream bar


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