Best Winter Product for Parents?

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My friend sent me this article on an unusual Canadian invention to help snow-bound families get out and about during the winter.

Polar StrollerI wrote her back and asked if she thought she would actually use it.  Her response was pretty immediate and certain – definitely.  Then I started receiving interview responses to a series I’m doing on the blog and so many people said they got around Montreal year round by bike or walking.  I was so surprised that people got around even during blizzards through their own steam.  It made me think back to the article my friend sent me on the Polar Stroller.

Polar Stroller

Intrigued, I contacted the company and received a wonderful email back from Kelly Patterson, Owner & Sales Manager.

Our stroller skis were developed for our personal use, so I could continue to take my little 2 month old for his twice daily nap in his stroller during the long winter months. He was not a sleeper unless he was moving in his stroller and as a new mom I needed the exercise and quiet time so I could breath and gather my thoughts.
The skis were such a hit and everyone loved them so much, that we decided to share our product with other like minded parents and formed Polar Stroller.
The skis give the child a super smooth ride over the compact bumpy pathways, and we don’t even spill a drop of coffee! They also help to give float through the deeper snow. For parents who want to stay active with their stroller during the longer winter months they are a great solution. Who wants to only use their expensive stroller of 6 months of the year?
We use them for winter walks, snowshoe trails, visiting the dog park, winter festivals, visiting the ski hills, basically anywhere where there are snow covered pathways.
Staying active during the winter is so important for physical and mental health reasons, for both mom and babes, as I am sure you are aware. One of the treatments for Post-Partum Depression in moms is 30mins of outdoor physical activity per day, (Mayo Clinic). It sure helped me!
We pride ourselves on our customer service and the high quality of our product.  No corners are cut when it comes to quality. We also support local charities, even though we are a super small family business. Currently throughout 16th Nov – 16th Dec for every set of stroller skis we sell, we will purchase a Christmas meal ticket for Mission Hope Calgary. This will provide a hot Christmas meal for at-risk children in their families in our surrounding area. We never put our product on sale, as we ask a fair price for a high quality product, but we do give to those less fortunate than ourselves. We also support local silent auctions, for the homeless and other local causes.

I have to admit, reading her email made me want to buy a pair and hit the trails.  Maybe it wouldn’t have made last winter so hard.

Find out more about the Polar Stroller here.  

What do you think?  Would you use the Polar Stroller?  I’d love to hear!

Also, what do you think about this genius idea for keeping warm?


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(Top Photo of ‘Little’ by Lindy Pfaff, Photo of Baby in Bundle by myself, all other photos courtesy of Polar Stroller)



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