What is Your Art Mood?

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Gallery Wall Ideas

Art can truly add so much personality to a home.  The difficulty really is knowing where to start, especially if you are staring at a blank wall.  I think it’s easiest to think what type of mood you want to project on a room.  Some rooms might want to feel more dark and cozy, whereas others are screaming out for bright and colourful.

Gallery Wall Idea

I personally like an eclectic feeling with a mismatch of frames and styles. I like the way the eye gets caught by the different shapes of the frames, colours and styles of prints from abstract to photography.

Gallery Wall Idea

The one thing I do try to do is keep the mood the same.  Bright and fun, quiet and neutral, black and white… this also makes it at least a little easier to select what you love and sets the mood.

Untitled design-4

From clockwise: Going For A Swim, Blue Flowers and Green Leaves, Blue Cactus, Flutter Watercolor

I like using Minted as a tool to build gallery walls.  First off, it’s a marketplace of independent artists which is pretty cool.  This allows you to discover all sorts of artists that you never would have had access to before and buy their prints at affordable prices.

The second reason is because they have a huge selection of carefully curated art that can be filtered by style, shape, type and colour.  Why is this important?  It easily allows you to select a variety of prints across different styles and shapes that share a common theme.  The prints above are light and airy, and all generally have a shade of blue in them.

Minted Art Gallery IdeaClockwise Left to Right: LandingLet’s Get Lost, Sandworm, A Shadow in a Storm, Arrows

These prints are all black and white and there is a pop of colour which adds visual relief.  There’s a nice mix of photography, typography and abstract.

Untitled design-6

Clockwise Left to Right: Confetti, Sum Total, Ombre Sky, Twinkling Light

I like this combination for my office.  It’s light and bright and would keep me in a good mood even if the website was crashing and I lost all my backups (actually I don’t think anything would help in those instances!)

Selecting prints can be completely daunting but it really does make it easier to think this way and use the filters to narrow down your pick.  Plus, all the art on Minted is so beautiful, it’s pretty tough to make a bad choice.  They come framed if you like and yes, they ship to Canada.

What do you think?  What kind of mood do you like to set for your gallery wall?  Do you have a favourite print or artist?

(I received consideration from Minted in return for this post but I love their stuff and have used them in the past for our Wedding Thank-You cards which were a hit.  Their stuff really is beautiful!)

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