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Why are some weeks amazing and some weeks blah?  Despite the rain we had a fabulous Canada Day catching up with friends and I started making jams with this seasons fabulous fresh produce.  Yesterday, Alex and I had a dance off to Fatboy Slim’s Praise You which came up on a Songza playlist and I think Alex won (do you remember the video?)  I met some old friends for drinks and they commented how happy I was.  And it’s true.  I am happy.  Life is good.  And how wonderful to be able to write that.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the great Canadian outdoors.

xx Michelle

The photos on this blog make me want to explode with joy and happiness.  And make me want to take better photos.  It’s amazing how the everyday can be so wonderful.

Farmer’s are growing micro greens in London’s abandoned Underground tunnels.

I can’t stop laughing at this video.  Kids are insane.

Want more Canadian designed and made bralettes?  Try Mary Young – beautiful stuff.  I also like Miel Sisters which was suggested by a reader.

I’m in love with the stunning photography on this food blog.  I definitely have these popsicles on the radar.

I always cringed when I had to buy diaper genie refills (why so expensive diaper genie?!) but I just discovered this much more affordable solution.

Favourite shop Avril Loreti is offering 30% off with the code YayCanada until July 5th (via Avril Loreti Instagram)

this kid clothing co.

I’m kind of obsessed with this t-shirt… and I kind of bought it.

ps Sorry last week’s Weekend Links was such a downer.  I meant to amend it and only remembered after it was published.

(Photo by Thomas Leuthard)

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