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I’ve been living out of the same nursing bras for what seems like years (my fave are from Bravado which I bought at NDG café/shop/everything nursing related Melons et Clementines).  They ARE comfy but I’m ready to move on in due course (even though I know I’ll probably cry the last time I nurse the little peanut).

My whole bra situation is pretty dire and now that I’m done with the inflate/deflate cycle I think that it’s time to invest in some new underwear.  I’ve been noticing a lot of bralettes around (did these even exist  a few years ago?) that are just gorgeous.  I know that, ahem, I won’t need too much support in the future and I love the fact that there are so many  locally designed and sewn options that are also affordable because MAN can bras be expensive.

Here are some of my faves!

Sewn Designs Bralette Bralettes from Sewn Designs

I pretty much love ALL the bralettes from Vancouver designer Alesia Akehurst but I’m particularly smitten with the white floral and lilac.  They are also made right in Vancouver.


Vintage Love Bralette from Blush

Vintage Love Bralette from Blush

This is one of the few padded bralettes that I found which, let’s face it, might be nice once in a while.  I love the dark purple and beautiful lace.

Copal Bralette from Bunny & Claude |

Copal Bralette from Bunny & Claude

These super soft bamboo jersey bralettes which are designed and made in Montreal are the perfect choice for an everyday option.

Sokoloff Black Lace Bralette

Black Lace Bralette from Sokoloff Lingerie

Montreal-based lingerie company Sokoloff has some gorgeous pieces but I especially love their lacy numbers and this bralette is perhaps my fave.  All their lingerie is 100% made in Quebec.

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    I love bralettes….cannot wear them too often but when I do Cosabella makes beautiful ones and Miel Sisters make great quality everyday ones (they are a Montreal company). Both can be purchased at my favourite lingerie store Courval on Sherbrooke in Westmount. When you are ready to make the jump you should go there as they will fit you properly and they have such a great selection.

      • Michelle
      • June 23, 2015

      Thanks Amanda – I can’t wait to start wearing bras that don’t snap and I will definitely head to Courval to get fitted. I’ll keep an eye out for the brands you mentioned!

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    • Emily
    • November 12, 2015

    Bralettes have changed my life! Thanks for sharing about Sewn. LOVE it! is Canada-based as well (Toronto, I think), and has lovely, casual bralettes. You seem to go more for the lace (which I adore), so I’m not sure you’d like Mary Young, but figured I’d post about it anyways… The only thing though, is that it’s much more expensive than Sewn 🙁 Why, oh why!?!

      • Michelle
      • November 12, 2015

      Oh wow Emily – thanks for letting me know about Mary Young! Their stuff is absolutely gorgeous! I love it when readers share their finds – it makes my day! Thanks for writing.

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