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Dover Police Shake it Off

I’m semi-obsessed with this viral video of a Delaware police offer singing along perfectly to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off:


Whenever I need a little perk I just throw it on YouTube and dance along.  What I loved most about it though was that this burly cop learned the lyrics because his ten year old daughter is such a fan of the song.  I also love the fact that he has no shame in sassing it up.

Where am I going with this (besides the fact that I love this video?)  The fact that this cool dad learned the lyrics from his daughter and the fact that he’s not afraid to be silly for the camera – something that I am not sure would have happened ‘back in the day.’  I’m so grateful that dad’s are so much more involved in parenting these days.  Changing diapers, carrying around kiddo in the Bjorn, begging your son to do stinky poo on the potty.  But also I think it’s so amazing that dads are connecting with their kids and playing with them and having fun with them.  I just think when both parents are involved in raising children, interacting with kids and having fun with them it makes for such a happier household for everyone.  The children feel supported by both parents, mom gets a bit of a hand, and dad gets to be involved with his kids.  Fun for everyone!

ps I may be posting a little more infrequently these days.  Little baby is a lot more demanding and getting time in front of the computer is pretty limited.  Just bare with me!

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