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How many apps are there out there?  A million?  How much time do I have to search for the best apps for my kid?  About two minutes.  After that I get totally overwhelmed with all the choices and give up.

Sound familiar?


I seriously have no clue how parents out there find the best apps for their kids to play with.  I do believe there is a time and a place for kids apps, and the best ones can be great fun and a great learning tool but it’s just finding them.


That’s where the great new tool called GetKidsApps comes into play.  You sign up online and their team of teachers navigate the app store to find the best of the best for kids.  Sign up your child by age, and then choose if you want gender specific apps.  After that you’ll get a weekly email recommending a great app that’s in tune with your child’s age.

It’s so simple.  And free!

Oh, and it’s from a startup located right here in Montreal.


My first app that was recommended was an app called LetterSchool where kids trace letters with their fingers.  It had excellent reviews and won about a million awards.  Score!

Check out the website here and start getting recommendations right away!


GetKidsApps is a Roasted sponsor.  Please note that I only recommend things that I truly believe in, and all opinions are my own.  Thanks you, so very much for always supporting this blog and the sponsor that help support this blog and family.


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