Ten Things I forgot about the First Trimester

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I definitely forgot what it was like to be pregnant and a few things really took me by surprise my first trimester, which I would say is probably the hardest trimester.

Crazy emotions.  I was in the car driving my son to daycare and nearly every day started crying my eyes out when the news came on the radio.  Other drivers must have though I was crazy.

Fatigue!!!  While writing articles I would have to blink at the screen to try and keep myself awake and regain my thought stream.  At times it felt like my fingers were typing through molasses.

Hunger…  My first trimester I was working in an office so when I was hungry it was pretty much fruit or crackers.  Working from home I am able to bulk up on better food a bit more and I think it’s for this reason I haven’t been sick this time around.  I typically have two breakfasts – a hearty bowl of steel cut oatmeal with my son, and a mid-morning yoghurt or cereal & fruit combo.

Cravings.  I have mostly been craving fresh fruit and vegetables, but I admit to finishing off a family size pack of ketchup chips over the span of three days AND ordering a teen burger at 11am.  I can honestly say for both items that I think I am good without them for the next 5 years.  Once was enough.

Not telling people.  I did tell a lot of my close friends and family that I was pregnant but there were a lot of other people I wanted to tell to.  I don’t want to use pregnancy as an excuse for any sort of issues, but sometimes I just wanted to scream – ‘I am so sorry I haven’t got any pitches sent through because I’m pregnant and can’t keep my eyelids open!’  But I didn’t.

Bloating.  Every evening I look like I’m about 20 weeks pregnant and then I wake up and it’s gone.  When I told my Mom I was pregnant, she just looked at me and said ‘well, Michelle it’s pretty obvious – you’re showing’.  At that point the baby was about the size of a raspberry….

Peeing. Seriously, I do not remember using the toilet this much the first time around.  From almost the first moment I found out I was pregnant my toilet usage has increased dramatically.  Seriously, between the peeing, eating and sleeping I feel like my free time is all used up.

And there are a few things that are definitely different this time around:

No Googling. I’m definitely much more relaxed this time around.  No googling symptoms or reading up.

More relaxed on the eating.  The first time around I was probably much more strict about my diet.  This time I eat what I want, although it is healthy most of the time.  I do allow myself the occasional cup of coffee or tea as well.  Yay!

What about you guys?

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