Some exciting (bump) news!

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BumpBastien in his favourite shirt and boots, and my little bump!


I’m so excited to announce that we are expecting another baby!!  I’m three months along, and the baby should be here around October 24th.  We’ve told Bastien, but I don’t think he quite gets it although he can say ‘big brudah’ which is very cute.  I’ve had my first ultrasound and the doctor thinks it may be another boy (in Quebec they give you an indication of sex during the first ultrasound if you want).  We’ll find out for sure in a couple months, but I’m so excited for Bastien to have a little brother.

I’m so interested to see what this pregnancy will be like, and what it will feel like having two little ones running around.  So far, I’ve felt much better this pregnancy than my first which I think is largely due to working from home and being able to eat and nap if required – plus no icky hot commute on public transport.  But interestingly, I’ve started feeling nauseous more during my second trimester.  I hope it goes away.

Until I had the ultrasound I was really not even acknowledging the pregnancy.  Call me paranoid, but both pregnancies were so easy that I just felt like I was jinxing it to celebrate early.  But when that image of those tiny legs and feet came up on the ultrasound screen my heart swelled and it was such an unreal feeling to know that our family of three will now be four.

ps I ‘m happy we already have all the necessities we need, and I think we are a little more mentally prepared for what is to come this time around!

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