Simple Step to Entirely Change Your Day

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Simple Step to Change Your Day |

Sometimes I walk around in a fog all day.  I know I have stuff to do but I don’t remember what.  I start one task and then get distracted and forget what I was doing.  The day passes by and I can’t even remember what I’ve done.  I’ve talked in the past how I have trouble focusing and have really tried to work on that.

Montreal-based Life Coach Marieke Bosch Larose offered me a simple solution.

I try to wake up an hour before my kids (and even my husband) to have time for myself before the craziness of our morning routine starts. And to be honest, some days I only manage 15 minutes but it still makes a huge difference.

During my morning hour, I light a beautiful scented candle, meditate, read, set my intentions for the day, journal, sip my coffee and pray. This sacred time is my gift to myself. It’s for me and I can do whatever I want with it. But the point is, I am waking up on my time and with the intention to start my day in a way that feels nourishing to me. And this is where the magic happens!  Because when we choose to wake up in an intentional way, as opposed to waking up in immediate reaction to getting the kids up, getting ourselves ready, getting lunches made, teeth brushed, etc. we are showing up for our own needs as well as those of our family. Because when we, as moms, are nourished, we can show up for our kids and partners as more peaceful, loving and giving people.

By the time I hear the rumblings of my family, my quiet time is over and I am rejuvenated and ready to start my day. My mindset is clear and calm. I know how I want to feel for the day. I know how I want to show-up for those I love, including myself! And I am not waking up in a frantic frenzy with the alarm in my ear going  “Oh shit! I need to get this done and this and this!!” I’m telling you, it’s the best change I have made to improve the quality of my life and the life of my family. 

I asked her how she sets her intention and she mentioned using a gratitude journal.  I use my paper agenda to focus on action items but she suggested using a gratitude journal to focus on how I want to feel.  When she mentioned this, a switch clicked and I got what she was talking about.  It’s pretty powerful to set yourself up for how you want to feel instead of living the day in reaction mode putting out fires and walking around in a fog.

Thank-you Marieke!

For more on Marieke please see here.


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