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There’s something so nice about a new stack of sticky notes, a fresh pen or a brand new notebook.  Or is it just me being a nerd?  Working from home, I don’t have any cupboards of office supplies to raid, or catalogues to order from on the company coin, but that’s OK.  I found some other stuff I like – OK I admit – it’s not all practical – but isn’t it pretty!


Rulers from Present & Correct

Geometric, colourful and practical!  Love it!


Know it all Pencil Set from Present & Correct

In case I ever had to take a test with any of these questions I’d be set!


70s Filing Stand from Present & Correct

I’ve got stuff to file – this would be perfect – and last through the next century!


Wooden Tape Holder from Present & Correct

For all my quick washi-tape dispensing needs.  Plus it’s pretty.


Notebooks from Couple d’Idées

I think knowing that if I wrote through all four of these notebooks I’d have written 1km of words would be inspiration enough to work.  Bonus – the company is from Montreal!


Blank Notebook from Paper Pusher

A bright notebook for a bleak snowy day.


4 Clipboards from Papermash

Colour! Patterns! OK – I’m not sure what I’d use these for but I’m sure I’d find something for them….


Ballpoint Pen from Papermash

You always need pens – and aren’t these pretty.


Spotted Masking Tape from Papermash

Yes – these would work perfectly with the above dispenser!


Five Pack Double Tip Pens from Poketo

For making sure all the important stuff in my agenda and on my calendar stood out.  Yes, Sarah, I’m still on a paper agenda….


Classmate Notebook from Poketo

For all my writing, blogging and general life ideas….

Wouldn’t my office be pretty? (OK – it already is!)


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