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How are you guys doing with this lovely weather?  It’s been a refreshing week and now that I want to be outside more often I took stock of the tons of blogs I had on my feed and thought – what the hell am I doing spending my time reading all of these?  I deleted most of them and feel all good about it.

I saw the moving While We’re Young and while I am still not quite sure what to make of it, there’s one line that stuck out for me (and probably most people).  I’m paraphrasing but it goes something likes this (a new dad is talking to Ben Stiller’s character Josh about being a new parent):

You know, when you’re expecting everyone says to you how amazing it is and how magical it is.  When you have a baby, those same people are telling you that it gets better with time. 

Humph…. I think most of us can relate?

I feel like I’m running in circles a little bit with this blog.  I’d love some feedback on what you guys love and want more of.  You can always drop me a line if you don’t want to comment publicly.

This weekend we are going to try AGAIN to potty train my son which has turned into one of the most frustrating episodes of motherhood.  That kid is Stubborn (got that? stubborn with a capital ‘S’)  We’ve basically tried everything… we’re going to just keep trying every once in a while.  Just thinking about it I get anxious.

Other than that we’ve got a pah-ty (ok – it’s for a 1 year old so not so crazy) and the usual park/pool/backyard/friends time planned.

What about you guys?  How are you celebrating the long weekend?

Have a good one!


Seriously, Canada?  This is our favourite beer????

This app is going to be put in use this summer! No more wondering about those flowers…

Is this trend dead?  If so, my jeans just got a lot muddier.

Yes, finally a major supermarket chain is doing something about food waste.

Icelandic baked goods in Toronto

Is anyone else getting confused about what jeans to buy?  So.. many… styles… (could this be the solution?)

This home is for dreams, but this home is bright and colourful and full of practical ideas.

ps Don’t forget to enter the giveaway which ends Wednesday!  You can even pass it on to a friend.

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