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March 30, 2016 , In: Personal , With: One Comment

We had a busy Easter weekend with my parent’s visiting, my son’s fourth birthday party and a visit out to the sugar shack.

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We had my son’s birthday out at Le REC Room and they were wonderful.  I love it because it’s huge, clean, there’s facilitators to help with the kids, the only kids there are those at your birthday party and the kids love it so the parents can sit back and enjoy themselves too.  They let us use the tumbletrak as a thank-you for a mention on my blog in the past and it was an amazing surprise.  I think it was the highlight for most of the kids – I know it was Bastien’s favourite part.  I highly recommend both the place and the tumbletrak.

I went with more of a colour theme then a character theme as per usual which means I can keep reusing any leftover decorations and aren’t stuck with a million Thomas the Train balloons.  I made the cake and it ended up being HUGE.  Oh well.  I used this recipe and doubled it.  For a smaller party I’d just do one layer and cut it in half.  I just go simple for my cakes and bought some of those old school sugar decorations I didn’t even know they made anymore.

Overall, it was an amazing success and most of all I know Bastien had a blast.

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RoastedMontreal.com | Montreal BlogWe then headed out to Auberge Handfield’s Cabane a Sucre, which was a fantastic introduction to a little bit of Quebec culture for my parents.  It was a beautiful day and everyone was in a great mood.

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On Monday it rained, but we hung out a little big in our rain suit outside.

RoastedMontreal.com | Montreal Blog RoastedMontreal.com | Montreal BlogThen it was time to say bye bye to Grandma and Grandpa.  Thanks for the visit guys!


    • Geri
    • March 31, 2016

    We had a wonderful weekend with you, Thank you. Loved it all.

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