Food Trucks – APDC, Landry & Filles, Gaufrabec, Saigon, Je Me Souviens and Winneburger

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A few food trucks – with and without pics and prices 🙂

Please note food offered could change (I’m not sure if the menus are set for the season)


I apologize to Anissa in advance for this less than flattering portrait.

Gaufrabec – Waffles!  Here you can find a couple different waffles stuffed with your choice of filling.    It was rainy when I had mine and it was perfect.  The smell is divine.

Winneburger – Burgers, Mushroom Burgers, artisanal potato chips and a couple drinks.  I really loved this burger which was a little on the small-ish side but just right.  The challah bun was fantastic, and it had just the right amount of grease.  Sorry – I forgot to take pics.  Sometimes it happens.


Saigon, Je me souviens – When I went they were offering imperial rolls, banh mi, a pork & rice plate, and coconut (?) tapioca pudding.  I chose the banh mi and liked it.  The bread was not that chewy dense bread, but nice and light.  The tapioca pudding was good, but a bit perfume-y for me.

Landry & Filles


Landry & Filles Ployeaux

Landry & Filles – I had the matane shrimp ploye ($9) which is a fluffy crepe cooked on only one side with shrimp, apple, lettuce, and wasabi mayo.  It was good but perhaps could have used some punchier flavours – I didn’t really taste any wasabi. We finished off with the raspberry lemonade ($3) which was great.

APDC truck is the green one in the background.

APDC truck is the green one in the background.


Au Pied de Cochon – Oh my.  I ordered the combo box #1 which included a doughnut (your choice rhubarb or chocolate – I chose chocolate), meat on a doughnut which includes smoked meat, tongue (I believe) and white pork, and a soda float with maple soda and maple ice cream?  I could be wrong on some of the details.  This was $15.  The sandwich was HUGE and I started to feel a bit ill halfway through.  I finished the float but had to save the doughnut for later (which was also large).  It was good and I’m super glad I tried it but it is just a bit too intense for eating often.  Think of it as a treat. 🙂

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