Street Food – How to Find the Street Food Trucks in Montreal

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Oh, street food in Montreal.  You can feel the excitement as Montreal has finally lifted the street food ban, and the trucks are ready to get out on the streets.  But, how to find them?

There is an app available – Street Food Montreal

Many of the trucks have websites, Facebook and/or Twitter.  I’ve also created a list you can follow on my Twitter account called Street Food Montreal.

Here is my current list:

1. Route 27 – Meat and Fish Tartare – Map to Locate Them.  Twitter or Facebook

2. Grumman ’78 – Tacos – Twitter or Facebook to Locate Them

3. Pas d’cochon dans mon salonTwitter or Facebook

4. Gaufrabec – Waffles – Twitter or Facebook

5. Meatball Montreal – Meatballs – Twitter or Facebook

6. Le Cheese Truck – Twitter or Facebook

7. La Sandwicherie Zoe’s (Le Mangeoire) – Twitter or Website or Facebook

8. Lucille’s Seafood Co – Twitter

9. Winneburger (Nouveau Palais) – Twitter

10. Nomade SO6 – Twitter and Facebook

11. Le TukTuk – Facebook and Twitter

12. P-A et Gargantua – Facebook and Twitter

13. Smoothfruit – Facebook or Twitter

14. Saigon je me souviens – Twitter and Facebook

15. Roux (Fabergé) – Facebook

16. Le Super TruckFacebook and Twitter

17. Norman Luncheonette urbain – Facebook

18. Fous’truck – Twitter or Facebook

19. Dispatch CoffeeTwitter

20. Lucky’s TruckTwitter and Facebook

21. Landry & FillesTwitter and Facebook

22. Caffé della Via – Facebook and Twitter

23. Chaud-Dogs – Twitter and Facebook

24. M. Crémeux (Pastaga) – Facebook

25. Dic Ann’s HamburgersFacebook and Twitter

26. Au Pied de Cochon – Facebook

27. Alexis Le Gourmand

28. L’Assommoir Mobile

29. Boîte à Fromages – Facebook or Twitter

30. Cartel Mobile – Twitter or Facebook

31. Le Gourmand Vagabond –

32. Lapin!

33. Ô soeurs volantes

34. La Panthère Mobile

35. Pheonix 1

36. Le Point sans g – Twitter or Facebook

37. Le Quai roulant

38. St. Viateur Bagel

39. Guru – Twitter or Facebook

40. Dim Sum MTL

41. Café Larue & Fils

42. Les Brigands – Facebook or Twitter

43. Monsieur Felix et Mr Norton –


Not a food truck, but you may find it at events nonetheless…

Mother ShuckersFacebook and Twitter

La CatrinaFacebook and Twitter

I know that there are 35 permits available so as more trucks become known, and more join social media I’ll try and update the list.  Let me know if I’m missing any!

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    Hi Michelle, Thanks for this list! Would it be possible to sort it by neighbourhood? That would help finding what’s closest and easiest to try out. Just a suggestion! 🙂

      • Michelle
      • May 29, 2013

      Hi Marie-Eve,

      I’m not sure if you are asking me to sort the trucks by neighbourhood? If so, they are mobile so that wouldn’t be possible. If you are asking me to sort by where they may be situated that’s a bit trickier as it seems to be changing. I would consult the individual twitter and facebook accounts, and there is also a street food app for Montreal.

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