Whistler – A Holiday of Ups and Downs

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Condo View600

I don’t want it to sound like I am ungrateful in any way about my recent holiday to Whistler.  I mean, c’mon.. it’s Whistler.  I am so grateful to my brother-in-law’s family for lending us their wonderful condo (view from the condo above!), and to my parents for helping us out with the baby.  But as far as holidays go…

Frequent Flyer

First off, it seems that everyone but my husband and I realized that the flight to Vancouver from Montreal was six hours.  SIX HOURS.  With a crawling baby.  I mean, we’ve flown to Vancouver before but somehow it didn’t seem quite so long pre-baby…  To top it off, I got a migraine on the flight and threw up in the airport…

Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel

On a positive note, the Fairmont Vancouver Airport is an amazing hotel attached right onto the airport so I could crawl into bed….  We  also saw Mark Kelley who I slightly adore.  My husband actually yelled out to him ‘My wife idolizes you!’… cringe…


Granville Market 2


We spent a rainy day in Vancouver checking out Granville Market where I refused to buy some berries at the cashier, which was a bit embarrassing but $23?  For two containers of berries?!  Especially when they are advertised as plain old Driscoll berries… But the market was fun, and all the boats and skyline was so pretty.  I discovered a wonderful paper store called Paper Ya.


Stanley Park Totems


We also checked out beautiful Stanley Park. Look at those trees!

A sick little boy

Then, the illness started with baby who threw up all day…

That night, my husband and I ate a beautiful dinner at Araxi in Whistler that night and then the next day… we were all sick too.  ALL OF US.  We took turns taking care of the baby and lying in bed (or other places).

Oh yeah, I also had my eye condition (iritis if you must know) flare up again, and at the end of the trip I got about 5 cold sores.  We also locked ourselves out of the condo.

BUT as a positive, I realized travelling and eating out with baby in restaurants isn’t such a big deal.  Most places have high chairs, and he is such a good eater he’ll pretty much eat anything.

Whistler Hill 3

Whistler Hill



Whistler is beautiful too, and above the perpetual fog the skies were blue!

I haven’t forgot how to ski, and although I am no expert I pretty much skiied everything – except some scary glade skiing where I freaked out and hiked back up to the piste (I noticed I wasn’t the only one).

Vancouver Aquarium

We went to Vancouver Aquarium on the way back and Bastien LOVED it!  I think it was all the colours and movement.

So, it was an eventful trip but I think the five of us rolled with it pretty well.

Have you ever had a holiday that didn’t go quite as planned?

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    I love Paper Ya! But yes, GI is not the place to buy produce, especially out of season. Rookie tourist mistake 🙂 I only shop there for things that are really hard to find elsewhere. Great place to visit and people watch though! Hope you’re all back to being healthy!

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