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Hey friends,

It actually made me feel super sad this week to not see one single post on the blog.  The constant pouring rain plopping into the mass of snowy puddles outside doesn’t help either.

My husband asked me about the lack of posts and I just explained that I only have so many hours.  What can I do?  I’m playing with the kids, taking them to and back from daycare, making food, doing laundry and all that fun other stuff like eating, showering, etc.  I’m also taking photos and editing them (and editing them and editing them and editing them).  I thought for a minute and realized that I no longer embrace the concept of leisure time except for maybe half an hour before bed when I read a book before I collapse from exhaustion.

It’s OK.  It’s all going in the right direction.

My kids are getting older and becoming slightly more self sufficient (my oldest kid washes his OWN hands!)

I am learning everyday with my photography.  That’s fun.  I felt a bit stale with the blog and this is a new opportunity for me to learn and develop.

And I am working on the blog.  I am editing an upcoming Travel with Toddlers series which of course makes me want to travel.  And, I have a few other things coming up too.

So thanks for sticking in there readers.  You are the BEST.

And I’d love to hear from you if you would like to contribute to my Travel with Toddlers series.  The deadline is kind of quick but it’s a pretty painless process.  You can see last years examples here.  I have some pretty wild places already so I’d love to hear from people in North America.

And if you have any other comments, questions, ideas for me, etc. I’d love to hear.

xx Michelle

This is probably one of the most gripping things I have ever seen and just so sad.

-Whenever I need to remind myself to push forward with my photography I just look at these amazing photographs.

    • Samara
    • April 9, 2016

    That video of the photographs is incredible

      • Michelle
      • April 10, 2016

      Isn’t it something. It was very emotional for me to watch.

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