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I was super inspired by the blog Inspired by Dooce who has done several 5 Things About Me posts, and decided to try and share a bit more about myself.

1. I’ve lived in four different countries besides Canada.  You guys already know about the UK.  One of the other countries is Mexico where I did a 5 month university exchange, and basically partied like crazy (the exchange was located in Mazatlan).  I also managed to see quite a bit of Mexico including the Baja Penninsula, Guanajuato, Guadalajara, Oaxaca and Chiapas States.  Mexico is more than the Mayan Riviera – it is truly amazing!  I’ll leave the other 2 countries a surprise for now (but they both have been mentioned on this blog before).

That’s me on the left at Palenque, Mexico

2. I love prints.  I especially love Orla Kiely but most of her items are out of my price range.  However, she does have quite a few warehouse sales and I’ve picked up a few items at those.  Plus, my lovely husband bought me an Orla Kiely bedspread set in her original stem print and a bath mat.

3. I love the Bourne movies.  The reason I love them so much is that they show the Europe I remember and not the Eiffel Tower and Sagrada Familia of postcards.  Europe in the Bourne movies is grey, noisy, and not always beautiful.

4. I have made tamales from scratch.  Imagine my surprise when I realized that it was whipped lard.  This could explain the massive weight gain in Mexico (see #1).  That and all the beer…

5. Most of my extended family live in Saskatchewan.  This means a lot of flying into Saskatoon, Roughrider talk, and a vague knowledge of farming.

That’s it for now…  I’ll do another one when I can think up another 5 things…. 😉

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    I spent 6 weeks in Guadalajara for a school program (and went to Guanajuato as a part of it) – definitely a cool part of the country. Mexico is more than the riviera, but hanging on the beaches of Tulum isn’t so bad 🙂

    I was shocked when I found out that the refried beans in Mexico were mostly lard as well…

    Glad you enjoyed the 5 things – I’m excited to read more.

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