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It’s easy to project however we want to appear on a blog.  I can write every post when I’m in a good mood and feeling great about myself and come across as the most confident person in the world.  In general, this is what I really try to do.  I don’t think anyone wants to read about a complainer all the time.  But sometimes I wonder if I come across as too confident.  We all know those bloggers who create this perfect life online and then when you meet them in person or see their house or whatever you realize that it’s all a story they’ve created.

I think I’ve become more and more conscious about this fine line and that’s perhaps why I’m finding it harder to write on the blog.  I have so many ideas swirling but think – is this real?  Am I just feeling great today?  Or am I just sick and down on myself and tired?

So, this is what I know right now.

I’ve realized that as I grow older I have the confidence to say that I am terrible at certain things and reasonably OK at other things.  And not say I’m terrible at things just hoping that others will say ‘oh no Michelle – you’re amazing’.  I know I’m really not good at it.  And that’s OK.  For example, I’m terrible at decorating.  I know what I like, but I just can not put it together.  And maybe a part of me doesn’t really care that much either.

I’m also terrible at makeup.  I’ve gotten my routine down to 7 items including moisturizer.  Call that 8 if I’m feeling fancy and want to stick on some eyeliner.  And part of me doesn’t really care.  OK, sometimes I look at other women who look AMAZING and have blow outs, and nails and I just want to die inside when I look at a mirror but it’s not really who I am.

I’m very bad at stress.  Little things stress me out way too much.  This is why I’m such a planner (see below).

But what am I good at?  I’m good at organizing myself.  I’m good at creating a list and getting things done.

My point is that I’m sort of past the point of trying to get good at makeup or learning to decorate.  As I’m older I feel confident in just saying that these are not my strengths and moving on instead of dwelling on them.  I’ve realized trying to change who I really am is useless.  Stress needs to be managed and I’ve found ways to do this.

So, I hope that when you meet me in person and you read the blog you feel it’s the same person.

And I hope that you also realize and know that it’s just OK to be bad at some things and good at some things.  OK ladies (and men!)

Just be YOU

ps Picture is from that CRAZY rain storm this past Saturday.  If you want to see more of our insane weather this month check here.



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