I have been meaning to write this post for ages (although I have written it a thousand times in my head) and I kind of knew it was now or never.

Regular readers of this blog may roll their eyes (it’s a frequent topic) but I just ask that you think before you place down every hard earned dollar.  What exactly are you buying?

I went shopping with my Dad one day (a verrrrry rare occurrence) and he asked me why I would pay so much for a single item of clothing when I could probably find it somewhere else for cheaper.  It was a lovely sweater in an independent shop that was made locally.  First off, I don’t buy a lot of things so I want everything to be special and well made.  But I also just said, I know how hard it is to run a business.  I know the sweat and tears involved and I want to support fellow business owners too.

So you may or may not own your own business, but think about what our local retail streets would look at if it were just chains.  Pretty dull.  Do you know how crazy expensive risky it is to open a store in this day of online shopping?  It is enormous.  But I totally appreciate it.  Yes, I do online shop but I also appreciate the attentiveness and quality that local shops can provide.

But think beyond just goods.  People have a lot of stuff these days, and may be lacking in other areas.  How about giving them the gift of sleep, or fitness, or a beautiful uplift to their home?  What about offering the gift to preserve their children’s priceless art?  (It exists and it’s local).  And of course, don’t even get me started on creating beautiful memories.

Some of my other faves:

Teachers?  Colleagues?  What about gift baskets from local boutique Evelyne?

Aunts, grandmas, cousins, anyone with beautiful modern taste?  Try Chic & Basta (I basically got all my gifts here this year)

Traveler?  Mom at the park who always forgets her purse?  Luxe it up with Holdur.

Need more ideas?  See previous years gift guides here.

And thanks for reading guys.  Happy Holidays!


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